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"Omm" Kid's Healing Oil

In this area you'll find information about your Healing Oil blend , how-to use it and a few different Meditations that you can use with it.
"Omm!" Children Healing Oil Benefits
This Healing Oil blend was created to assist your child (from 6 year year old to teen) when dealing with issues concerning the need to calm down and can help your child to:  
  • Relax
  • Calm Nervous System
  • Balance Emotions
  • Improve and help Rest and Sleep better
  • Induce Calmness, Quietness and Serenity
  • feel more balanced and joyful
This Children's Healing Oil Blend is gently infused with Lavender, Rose and Orange, as well as with Coconut and Almond Oil and powered with Reiki and Angelic Healing. 
This Children's Healing Oil was also created to act as a bonding daily "ritual" between parents and children. This means that you as a parent should be the one to massage your child with the Healing Oil and help your child through the Meditation. If you are dealing with issues of difficult bonding with your child this is a wonderful healing way to improve that connection and bond and create a deep relationship with your child. 
How-to Use this Relaxing Oil
Follow the guidelines bellow for optimal use of your blend! 
  • Use the "OMM!" Healing Oil blend 1 time a day, at bed time.
  • If 6 to 8 year old apply the Healing Oil to the soles of the feet and then massage the feet and legs, hands and arms of your child as you perform the Meditation.  
  • From 8/9 onwards apply to the chest, wrists and forearms and then massage the rest of the child's body as you perform the Meditation. 
  • If you feel the oil it's too strong to your child add more coconut or almond oil. If you still feel every day it's too much (specially for younger children) then apply it every 2 or 3 days. 
  • As you rub it gently to your child, make soft circular movements. As you do this you use one of the Meditations bellow so to increase the Healing power of your child's oil blend.
  • Make the moment you use the blend, a sacred moment for yourself and your child. :)
The Empower Yourself Project - Kid's Healing Oil Meditations
The Empower Yourself Project - Kid's Healing Oil Meditations
"OMM!" Meditations
You can use one of the meditations bellow with your child as you apply them the Healing Oil.
Breathing Mindfulness Children Meditation 
As you apply the oil gently guide your child by saying soft words that will encourage your child to be present to what is happening. Tell the child to feel the massage on the skin (stop) then to notice the lovely smell (stop) then to focus on the breathing and to start to breath more deeply so to fill the belly like a balloon and empty it like a ballon with no air inside. You can also tell your child she/he can visualise a coloured balloon inside her/his belly as she/he does this exercise.   
Affirmation Meditation 
As you apply the oil you can use the following affirmation together with your child:
"I Inhale I Smile
 I Exhale I am Happy." 
Repeat this affirmation together with your child out loud. Repeat it as mantra and keep on saying it until you finish the Healing Oil application or as your child falls to sleep. 
Body Relaxation Meditation 
As you apply the oil you can also guide your child say the following.
  • Imagine you have a very juicy orange on each your hands;
  • Squeeze your hands very, very tightly so to take all the juice out of the orange and let it go;
  • Relax your hands, feel them lighter, relaxed and as soft as a furry kitten...;
  • Now squeeze your feet, curl your toes very very tightly for as long as you can;
  • Relax your feet and feel them light, relaxed and as soft as butter...
  • Now squeeze the whole body together, very, very tightly for as long as you can;
  • And relax your whole body now, feel your whole body soft, imagine your whole body melting like an ice cream in the sun..."
Guided Meditation 
As soon as possible, I'll post a free Audio with a special Guided Meditation for the "I Love Me" Healing Oil! :)

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