November's Reading: Training Co-Creation and manifestation.

The Empower Yourself Project - November 2017 Reading

November starts with a bright full moon on the 4th and you may feel physically tired and run down, sleep will be difficult to reconcile and daily tasks may seem more difficult to complete than at other times. Concentration and focus will be really troublesome, your mind will feel foggy and spacey, intellectual work will feel like a monumental task. This strong, draining energy will naturally give rise to some physical exhaustion and weakness that may even lead to somewhat more complicated states of physical distress.

But the moon may not be the sole culprit for this frailty, an underlying trigger related to old issues or patterns may arise again at this time by the hand of a new situation. This will add some strain to this period and can even end up by somatizing into your body as an illness, a cold, a migraine or even something slightly more complicated. If this kind of issue arises leading to the full moon, you may feel totally consumed and prostrated by then. However, as the full moon on November 4th approaches it’s peak, the fogginess and distress will slowly start to vanish giving way to a more peaceful period. Clarity will progressively expand as the month develops and an opportunity for a new awareness will present itself.

The advice for this first quarter of the month is to keep your head together, relax and ask for the help you need. This is a time to co-create by joining forces with the Divine. Ask for the healing and dissolution of whatever issue is troubling you at this time, be it an old pattern or something simpler. Remember that the Divine can be expressed through many different names, it doesn’t matter whom you ask for help and co-create with, that is up to you entirely, as all are different expressions of the same transcendental energy. A surrendering is absolutely needed during this period, therefore fighting or struggling with any challenge will not help, simply ask for help and let go.

By the second quarter of this first half month period we’ll move our attention towards a greater understanding of what we’ve been dealing with lately. Our own responsability in the matter will became clearer and a new way of thinking and doing things may pop up as we surrender to what is. As the moon wanes so will all the things that need to go so to give room to what needs to arise now. Action, assertiveness and pragmatism are advised at this time.

The Empower Yourself Project - November 2017 Reading