December's Online Group Healing Circles

On December 21st, the Winter Solstice marks a time which many cultures believe to be of "death" and “rebirth” a time when nature’s powers and our own souls are cleansed and renewed. With this series of healings, we will honor the Winter Solstice and use its powerful energy to make our own needed cleansing and renewal to start afresh in 2021.

Healing Circles for Release and Transmutation

These circles serve the purpose to release and cleanse what does not serve you anymore - and is part of the past - and to transmute whatever still can be transmuted positively this year, allowing you to step into the new year with a sense of profound liberation, lightness, wellbeing, and balance.

Three Healing Circles

Each sacred Healing circle will address a specific theme and healing, all three are different but complementary, so you should ideally attend all three for a more powerful result.

During these live, distance healing sessions, I will connect to the strong energies of the Winter Solstice and Spirit and will help you shed, heal, and transmute what belongs to the past and does not serve you anymore, so to help you make your own Winter Solstice "rebirth" and renewal.

You will walk into the New Year feeling refreshed, strong, revitalized, and ready to take it with serenity and empowerment.

In these healing circles, you will set your intention, do release, healing, and grounding exercises, receive Reiki and Spiritual Healing and healing advice from Spirit.