Ready to Change your Life? 


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Transform negative

into positive

Patricia offers breakthrough healing sessions, courses, and retreats online and internationally and will help you transform your life positively.


Her warm, grounded and personal approach together with powerful tools, provide great insight, transformation, and empowerment.

Patricia will help you heal yourself, past and present, and move forward with great confidence, clarity, peace, and direction.

In-person sessions wherever Patricia is in the world and Online sessions all over the world!

“Life-Changing Experience!! Patricia is a wonderful teacher and working with her was invaluable, her guidance and love brought me to a greater sense of self.”

Tara Nichols, USA


Know more about Patricia, why she does counseling and healing work,

and why she can effectively help you.


Powerfully healing Intuitive Reiki sessions make your body, mind, heart and spirit sing in total enjoyment!


Insightfully Intuitive Life Guidance sessions guide you to heal past and present and empower your future! 

“Patricia provided me with valuable information that allowed me to better understand myself. She has a profound psychic aptitude, and has the ability to transform people's lives.”

Cornelius Sheehan, Ireland
REIKI, Reiki 1 and 2

Teaching and Healing Workshops

In these interactive events, Patricia guides the attendants through a deep, meaningful and insightful inner journey. 


Patricia uses healing movement, meditation, energy healing, intuitive and spiritual wisdom, breathwork and other relevant exercises.

Improve awareness, inner-peace, and wellbeing and get instant healing. Each experience will help you to balance, flourish and grow!

If you are interested in organizing a group course in your space, contact Patricia.

I met Patricia for the first time when I scheduled a Holistic Guidance, with little knowledge of how it will change my life forever. It is her very unique authentic approach that unfolded a whole new world that is at each one of us to reach. I will forever be grateful to her, she is a gift to anyone's life.

Priscilla Meneses, Costa Rica


What your future holds and the best strategies to be successful with a useful & down-to-earth Tarot reading.


Your talents and how to use them to achieve success and happiness with an Akashic Record reading.  


More about yourself through your body, listen to and cherish your body with a Soul Healing Yoga Session