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Amber B.


"Wonderful Akashic Record Reading”

I'm writing this review 7 months after my akashic record reading with Patricia because I am still feeling the positive effects this information has had on my life. I visited Patricia while on vacation in Costa Rica, and are so happy I did. Her reading was fabulously insightful and her delivery was loving and supportive. The notes she emailed me about my session after the reading has proved very helpful. Thanks, Patricia for your incredible work!

Erin White


"Amazing Akashic Records Reading!”

Patricia has such soothing, positive energy and way of communicating, she makes you feel comfortable and really listens to your questions. She is genuinely interested in helping you with your goals and helping you understand the readings. I have learned so much from her in such a short amount of time, I know this won't be the last time we connect :) I would recommend her to anyone!

Celeste Roque


"Honest & Accurate Tarot Reading”

I was blown away by Patricia's approach to my tarot reading. She really took the time to figure out exactly what we needed to dig into pertaining to the two areas I asked her to focus the reading on. Once we got into it, her reading was honest & accurate - like hearing advice from a friend who has your best interest in mind, but will tell it to you like it is. I couldn't imagine my trip to Costa Rica without this wonderful reading!



"Powerful Tarot Card Reading”

This was a wonderful experience during my trip to Tamarindo. Patricia is great and was extremely connected during my reading. The session was peaceful and provided guidance to continue to help me move forward with happenings in my life. If you are able to make time to meet with Patricia, please do so!

Teresa Ockeki


"Excellent Reiki teacher”

It was very enlightening and intense. It took all day. She managed to give me all the tools for the theory and for the practice. She is very nice, clear and she knows a lot about reiki. She has lots of intuition. After practicing Reiki to me, she gave me good information so that I could make some changes in my everyday life. She can really read people. Thanks, Patricia!!!

Kelly Rogers


"Such a beautiful soul!”

I’m so grateful I came across Patricia while traveling in Costa Rica. Her space was clean, fresh, calming, and cool. Her reading was spot on, and the delivery was beautiful as well. She had wonderful eye contact and a very comforting nature about her. I’m so thankful she had time on the day of messaging!!

Anna Mrkovic


"Great work!!”

During the session, Patricia was extremely kind; full of positive energy and gave me a lot of helpful tips I needed! She listens very carefully, knows immediately how to act to a conversation and in which direction the person should be advised. Throughout the conversation you feel like you’re talking to your best friend! Patricia has a lot of experience in her work, so I feel glad to contact her any time I need advice or talk about a situation I find myself in. I’m happy to know that I have someone like Patricia by my side and I warmly recommend her work :)

Paige DiPrete


"Reiki I”

I had a very pleasant experience with Patricia learning Reiki I. I was in the area already, and she was able to accommodate me very quickly and according to my schedule. Her location is clean, beautiful, and relaxing. She is extremely experienced in Reiki and the class is well designed. It is a long day to fit it all in within a few hours, but she made it extremely interesting, interactive and tailored to where I was in the moment. We are very blessed to have someone like Patricia sharing her gift with the world! Thanks again!

Jana Whitehead



It was such a blessing to take the reiki 1&2 refresher with Patricia. She gave me such great direction and insight into things that I was unsure of and were limiting my confidence in my reiki practice. She is very welcoming and gentle. I could feel a very powerful healing energy from Patricia. I also purchased some of her oil blends and use it in my personal practice. I've found it to be extremely POWERFUL! Thank you so much, Patricia!

Isabel Cardoso


"Amazing experience”

It was very enlightening, helped me to realize a lot of things about myself. Patricia is such a special person, she makes us feel at home. Thank you for everything.

Laura Méndez

Costa Rica

"Wonderful experience!”

To participate in the Reiki level 1 course was a wonderful experience, Patricia is an excellent person, easy to talk to, available to answer all questions and willing to teach from the heart. Super recommended if you are looking for answers, healing and personal time to reconnect to yourself. 

Shawna Bourke



I had a delightful and insightful experience with Patricia for two reiki sessions while in Tamarindo. Her space is as welcoming as she is. The sessions were the perfect accompaniment to a rejuvenating and relaxing vacation. Both a friend and I visited with her for different types of sessions and both feel blessed to have found her.

Peggy P.


"Powerful Experience”

Patricia is a caring and gifted healer. She took a lot of time before and after my session to understand my reasons for coming and to explain what she experienced in my energy field while working with me. She confirmed some things and gave me much appreciated advice and insight into issues that needed more clarity. I felt incredible energy and felt so much better afterward.

Laura Lee Lawrence


"A vacation highlight”

I found Patricia because I knew I was going to Tamarindo and I was looking for something that would compliment the already spiritual quality of being in a place like Costa Rica. I came across her on google search and got in touch with her...right from the beginning she was lovely helping me determine what service would be best for me and my time frame with her. I got a tarot reading and she was so intuitive and smart about the things she said. Her read of my cards was insightful and truly meaningful to me. They were very personal messages that she understood and explained very simply. I didn't know what to expect going into it, but I got far more out of it than I imagined I would. She is absolutely right there with you, focused. She literally explained myself to me, and it made perfect sense. I still have questions, I just feel like I'm asking the right ones now. I left far more focused in my life than I was going in...and then I ended that day with a Tamarindo sunset...bliss. It is now a week later, I have been home for 4 days and I am still thinking about the things she told me, still processing.

JJ Frier


"A Genuine Portal of Healing”

I did three sessions with Patricia and really enjoyed the experience. I got connected with emotions which I could not experience by myself and it helped me in a great deal to solve my personal issues. Sessions are mind-blowing circles of energy which help heal ones mind, body and soul. Also, I appreciated the advice on which food to consume, which to avoid and suggestions to write my own diary. Highly recommended to every soul that needs to energize and heal.

Claudia Nizet


"Words fail me to express my gratitude..."  

A huge thank you to you Patricia :) This first Reiki session with you was a revelation... You made me a world of good :)  I can only recommend you deeply to those who cross your path :) Thank you for everything and see you soon! 

Violeta Blenggio


"Beautiful Level 1 Reiki course"

I did the 1st Degree Reiki Course with Patricia at her studio. She is an excellent teacher that, from Light and Spirituality, knew how to initiate me in a new world. Knowing her was a before and after in my life. Thank you for this beautiful space!

Theresa Scothorn


“Powerful experience”

Before arriving at CR I wanted to do some sessions with Patricia because of her website. So I sent her an email and she responded with some appointment options which worked into my vacation plans. The empowerment project was a peaceful and serene environment that added to my experience. The sessions that suited me most were reiki and a tarot reading that were very uplifting and insightful. I have become more mindful as a result and will remember many things to take on my life journey. These sessions enhanced my vacation experience . I hope to return again for more!

Céline Zigaul


“Reiki healing massage”

I had a Reiki healing massage with Patricia. She makes you feel comfortable. I felt really relaxed after the session, thanks to her great intuition, she helped me a lot with her advises and tips. Do not hesitate to go and trust Patricia!

Jennifer Gehring


“Beautiful tarot reading”

Patricia is just lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed my reading. Gave me so much clarity! So glad I found her and was able to partake in such an insightful experience while here on vacation!!

Dorothy Goessel


“Very Enjoyable Yoga!”

I enjoy Patricia's sunset meditation yoga and her regular classes very much. The classes are intimate and she individualizes every session. Patricia is knowledgeable and will correct your moves. I leave her classes feeling very relaxed and centered. Since I attend her classes my breathing has improved and I sleep well again. Thank you, Patricia. See you next year!

Christine Tracy


“Powerful reading”

A highlight of my trip to Tamarindo was the Tarot reading by Patricia. She's a gifted and evolved guide that gave me welcome insights. I wish I lived nearby so I could practice yoga with her regularly and soak in her beautiful energy.

Priscilla Julius

Costa Rica

“Healing Transformational Empowering Journey”

I met Patricia for the first time when I scheduled a Holistic Guidance, with little knowledge of how it will change my life forever. I literally obtained a Guide with Patricia, someone who could finally see me as a whole being, body, emotions, thoughts... A consultation reviewing a questionary that I had answered, started it all! 

Patricia's greatest gift to me, as I worked with her, has been the recovery of a key notion in all of us: The return to ourselves as the ones that can change things in our own lives, make decisions, regaining that power innate to each one of us as our own "healers" that in my case I had given away constantly on the search for answers.

She was able to see the bigger picture and helped me ground important things that I was not aware of. It was Patricia with her amazing, intuitive, unique approach that helped me get there. It was by very small, new simple tasks in my daily routine that put things in motion. That, I must say was another key understanding regained, little things have a huge impact. 

I am lucky enough to have gone deeper while working with her, first with her yoga and meditation practice. A mindful, healing approach that added another layer to inner knowledge. Every class is a loving retreat for yourself, relaxing and empowering. Teaching how to relax in motion and how to transfer this into my daily life.

Then I went on to Reiki and Energy Healing Massages, as a complement to the work I started. They both have had a great impact on chronic pain management, stress, insomnia and releasing emotions. 

I had a Tarot session for self-awareness and a reading with holistic counseling which also helped me gain a deeper understanding of who I am, very revealing facts that brought me peace and gave me a very different perspective on things.

Patricia has guided me through this new route, at my own pace, to find the answers I was looking for, and on the way, regaining vitality, joy and the love for life. It is her very unique authentic approach that unfolded a whole new world that is at each one of us reach. I will forever be grateful to her, she is a gift to anyone's life.

If you happen to be around the Tamarindo area or simply want to check out her website, take the opportunity, I am very happy I did! Thanks again, Patricia!

Cheryl Sherman


“Breathe, relax and heal...”

Living here in Costa Rica can be a meditation in itself, but attending Patricia's classes helps to focus my energy and I have always left feeling at peace. In her yoga sessions you are gently guided to reach your potential - no judgement. In meditation, she starts you on a journey that will take you where your imagination leads. Don't miss the opportunity to experience her classes.

Cornelius Sheehan


“An uplifting and healing Reiki session”

My curiosity about the practice of Reiki led me to Patricia. From the moment we met, I felt comfort in her presence. I approached the session with an open mind and just let go. The experience blew me away. I felt intense sensations in certain areas of the body throughout. On reflection, Patricia provided me with valuable information that allowed me to better understand myself. She has a profound psychic aptitude and has the ability to transform people's lives. Patricia will not only restore your physical and emotional well-being but also guide you and provide you with the knowledge to self-heal and transform from within. Place your trust in her, you won't regret it!

Charlotte Emelinckx


“An intimate and meaningful session. Loved it!”

I had many Reiki sessions with Patricia. She is a very true, deep, kind and positively charged person who transmits her skills and gifts to others. I had a truly different and intense experience. I felt really good afterward. She finishes the sessions with a hot flavored delicious tea that finishes to put your body and soul at ease. An experience I highly recommend!! Loved it and that is out of the usual paths…

Lisa Wrixon



I had a reiki session, tarot and a life guidance session over a few days and felt recharged, relaxed and reassigned in a new direction with Patricia's guidance and insight. A wonderful experience that with grace and professionalism put me on a new path. Highly recommend for those looking to be enhanced.

Diana Salas

Costa Rica

“Clarity in your path”

Patricia, a woman with an incomparable gift from the universe that she shares with a heart full of love, has an indisputable broad experience in the healing field, generating clarity for those which want to heal from a place of light and respect. I had the pleasure to receive reiki sessions from her, in which I had a physical and spiritual amazing improvement, that helps me in my daily life, decision making, personal understandings; generating greater peace, clarity in my daily life. She is a master in the healing arts, she knows what she’s doing and she shares it in a humble and full of love manner.

Bettina Del Rio


"Great Spiritual Guide"

I am grateful for the great guidance given; it was a great inspiration to continue growing in my spiritual life. Patricia has a lot of sensitivity and delicacy; it was a great experience to meet her! Thank you very much, I hope to return soon!

Mónica M.


"Workshop" Listening to Your Being “

I put into practice both the novelties of yoga practice (Monica was Patricia's yoga student when she lived in Madrid, Spain) as well as the practice of mindfulness while in the shower, putting on cream. For sure that I have not been the same person since we did the workshop. At that time, an event in which I felt betrayed, blocked me. I keep working on this practice, and my perspective has changed a lot. Furthermore, I’m still pending on the Tarot card (that was drawn for her in the workshop) which has helped me move forward a lot and also in forgiving myself.

Marisol Cosimano


"Yoga and life"

I have known Patricia for years and she is my referent not only yoga wise (she has been my best teacher) but in life philosophy. Few times can we find a person who carries this work with so much love, dedication and above all coherence. Her classes are transformed into a session of peace and calm that comforts the body and spirit. She always seeks the best posture for each one of her students because her way of working is to always respect the individuality of each student. With Patricia, yoga becomes a whole life experience that helps us in our daily journey as well as through the multiple therapies that she offers according to the needs of each person that resorts to her. Enjoy every session and every talk with her. Pure light and love.

Marcia Siles

Costa Rica

"An amazing experience"

I have taken yoga classes and different therapies with Patricia and in each one of them, I have had beautiful experiences, not only on a physical but also spiritual and mental level. Patricia is excellent, her passion and love for what she does is transmitted, you get to connect with yourself, listen to your voice, fill you with energy, heal your inner and achieve your purpose of life ... Thank you, Patricia, for helping me live that!

Yulia Navichkova


“You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside!”

It is my pleasure to meet Patricia and thank her for the delightful mind and body relaxation experience. I felt the difference in the way I feel and perceive the world after the first session. The cozy atmosphere created in the studio made me feel my true self from the first moment. As soon as I entered the studio, I was welcomed with an honest smile that radiates happiness and love as well as the pleasant scent of essential oils. This mind and body therapy serve the purpose of feeling deep relaxation and being aware of your body and soul. Patricia has an incredible ability to lead you through a session and letting you be the master or your own body and soul. I got to know so much more about yoga and self. Definitely the highlight of my vacation. Highly recommend trying Patricia's approach! You will be rewarded with emotional balance, health, happiness, and self-discoveries!

Kirsty Green


“A little drop of Clarity...”

I visited Patricia for a Holistic guidance session after needing some help moving forward. I paid $250 for a 3-hour session in which time we went through a 10-page questionnaire that I had completed previously about my current and past life situations. From the moment I walked into the studio I felt safe - Patricia's warm and friendly approach put me at ease straight away. It was clean, comfortable and the incense smells amazing, making it a really relaxing atmosphere. Although focusing on difficult issues - I felt more like I was having a chat with a trusted friend over a cup of tea. Patricia spoke from a place of understanding and kindness, nudging me along to come to my own conclusions without forcing anything. Most importantly she patiently listened to what I had to say and offered some great practical advice based on my own needs, rather than working from a textbook like the standard psychotherapy sessions that I have tried in the past. 

Although we spoke about some past issues, the session was very much focused on moving forward and having the confidence to make new and healthy decisions. There were a lot of 'lightbulb' moments, where I found I knew the answers but just had not been admitting them to myself and to be honest it was liberating! 'The Empower Yourself Project' could not be a more fitting name - this session is about you and you alone. Although Patricia is there to point you in the right direction, from then on it's up to you. Be prepared to start taking responsibility for creating an amazing life and once you've opened the door to self-love and improvement it's very hard to shut it! I cannot wait to see what lies ahead of me now.

Thanks, Patricia - a truly life-changing session! 

Ronald and S. Fietze


“Reiki Session”

The Reiki session was very amazing and healing. Patricia was very welcoming and built a rapport prior to giving the Reiki session. Her style of Reiki was a touch of meditation, energy work, spiritual guidance, and she utilized an essential oil which is one of the different styles of Reiki. When the session ended we spoke about our own experiences to close the session. Then she served a very tasty tea. As a Reiki Teacher myself I really enjoyed her style as it is similar to mine yet a little different which I loved. I have my own Reiki practice in the USA and I loved her style and personality. I highly recommend a Reiki session with Patricia. The next time I am in Costa Rica I will book another Reiki session from her.

Anna Kernohan


“Best yoga in town”

Patricia is a very knowledgeable instructor and runs an amazing yoga class. I always walk out feeling refreshed, renewed and 10 times better than when I started. I have also been fortunate enough to have a Tarot reading with Patricia and it was both enlightening and accurate. I would highly recommend both her Yoga classes and therapies - you won't be disappointed.

Jim Purcell


"Yoga and Reiki"

Meeting Patricia was the high-lite of our trip to Tamarindo. Her yoga classes were fantastic and my wife and I attended two Reiki treatments. We had never heard of Reiki and Patricia was able to eliminate much of our anxiety and stress. We both highly recommend setting up a time to be with Patricia.

Céline Petrilak


 “A great experience”

I had the opportunity to experience yoga with Patricia during my honeymoon in Costa Rica. Patricia is a lovely person, kind, gentle, that has in a short time made me love this practice, I now go on to France. The small group courses allow everyone enjoys special attention. I highly recommend her classes !!

Jeff F.


“The most amazing Reiki treatment!”

My wife saw Patricia from The Empower Yourself Project and this is what she had to say:

"I have been interested in seeing Patricia for Reiki healing since I arrived in Tamarindo months ago and heard about how amazing she was. Today I received the most amazing Reiki treatment! Patricia revealed to me that a lot of the unrest within me resided, just there, within me... instead of trying to move forward figuring things out externally. I am now empowered to move forward peacefully and with some serious introspection. Thank you so much, Patricia, Namaste!"

Ellen De Oliveira


“Fantastic inner peace and chakra balance.”

Patricia is very knowledgeable and professional. She has a very easy and simple way to connect and explain things to her clients. I was looking for some reiki and her energy and guidance allowed me to receive exactly what I needed. This trip was much more enhanced by Patricia being able to see me in such short notice. If you are looking for balance and inner peace, come to see Patricia and utilize her services to guide you to your best self. Dress comfortably :) 

Monique Beauchamp


“Empower Yourself Review”

Patricia is unbelievable. I had a reading by her that was very accurate. She validated many things that I had a hunch about. Her insight, intuition, compassion, and empathy for your higher good is very evident. Her spirit was amazing. I HIGHLY recommend that either you get a reading, take a "calming" yoga class or both. You will not be disappointed with either one. As they say in Costa Rica - Pura Vida - the good life!

Marcelo G.

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“Unforgettable experience with Patricia!”

We spent an amazing two weeks in Tamarindo and it goes without saying that we needed to practice yoga during our trip. We found Patricia and her studio and it was a great, relaxing and unique experience. We even introduced our nephew to yoga for the first time and it was amazing for everyone. We loved Patricia's approach to yoga and wouldn't hesitate to go back to her studio. It's personal, holistic and a positive experience - not like other practitioners in the area with a harsher approach to yoga.

Hoda Tavalali


“Phenomenal Private Session”

Fantastic !!! Great way to introduce my husband to yoga and meditation. My husband and I were celebrating our one year anniversary and we wanted to have a private partner yoga session while staying at the JW Marriott. Patricia was very prompt in her email, responding with her availability within the same business day. The session was 1.5 hours and $95. She brought yoga mats for us both, burned incense, and provides us with complimentary Rosemary infused tea after the session. It was fantastic, we told her our yoga experience and she catered the entire session to our skill level. It was so relaxing, and my husband is now hooked! She snapped a couple of photos for us too. We had a great time. Patricia is sweet, prompt and professional. She is experienced and very intuitive. I would do a session with her daily if I could!

Lisa Smith


“Incredible Studio in Tamarindo” 

Like most tourists, I did some internet searching for yoga studios prior to arriving for our week-long vacation in Tamarindo. I was immediately struck by The Empower Yourself Project website and description of Patricia's yoga classes. I arrived for a Monday 8 am class and half-way through the class, I knew I was hooked. Patricia's teaching style and approach is so refreshing. She has an incredible ability to lead you through a class while focusing on yourself and the mind/body/spirit connection. I also had a Reiki treatment with Patricia, which was an almost indescribable experience. I had never participated in a Reiki session prior to this and wasn't familiar with its roots or benefits, but was curious. I felt relaxed, but more importantly enlightened afterward. It's clear that Patricia has a true gift when it comes to working with people and leading them to become more self-aware and focus on self-care and love. Like many who come from a Western lifestyle where we are overworked, overscheduled and rushed, I was in need of something to help me reset. This was it. Patricia exudes love and light, joy and peace; and I cannot say enough good things about The Empower Yourself Project. Go to the studio, take a class, be open to how Patricia teaches and approaches yoga, and do yourself a huge favor and book a private session with her. You will be so glad you did!

Lauren Gray


“Beautiful Insight, Beautiful Soul”

I was actually lead to The Empower Yourself Project thanks to TripAdvisor :) and am so grateful. I booked as Energy Healing Massage session with Patricia who was serene, patient, and beautifully wise. At the beginning of the session, we spoke about the issues that I needed to work though during the session and by the end of it we discussed what I experienced, wherein she offered wellbeing suggestions for the future. She worked with Aromatherapy, Reiki and Acupressure - so completely restorative for a good energy flow by unblocking stagnant energies/emotions. What an incredible experience - I look forward to our paths crossing again. Much love and light.

In Tripadvisor


“Mind, Body, Soul, what a combo!”

If you're looking to connect your mind, body, and soul, The Empower Yourself Project is the place for you.

Patricia focuses her session on what you need. Whether it's to connect with your emotions, stretch out your lower body, or just have a lengthy chat. Patricia is very welcoming, and able to understand you better than you think. She has the ability to help you work through stresses, and emotional baggage while your body gets a workout. The first time I went to The Empower Yourself Project I walked in to have a morning yoga session; I was feeling low, and all out of sorts, just needing to stretch my body and get my mind off of things. Patricia and I started chatting, and soon enough, we were wrapped up in a deep conversation that went on for over an hour! I missed the first class, so I joined the next and felt very grounded and calm by the end of the session - something I had been lacking through my time in Tamarindo. I left feeling free. I was happy, and no longer had my mind filled with toxic thoughts. I was energized. It took me weeks to make it back for my second session (I was sick), but when I did, she remembered me, made me feel comfortable, and gave me a great workout, with another great chat. Not to mention the delicious tea she shares at the end of every class! I highly recommend The Empower Yourself Project for anyone visiting or living in Tamarindo.

Katie Smith


“One of those experiences that can really change you...”

After having low energy for my first few days in Tamarindo, I went to a morning yoga class. It was calming, gentle and exactly what I needed. I then booked an Energy Healing Massage and a Tarot reading over the next few days. Patricia accommodated my limited schedule and made me feel welcomed to the sessions. She gave me much more than I expected! The time she took to chat and discuss the readings was greatly appreciated. The attention I got from her really helped my heart, mind, and soul. I would highly recommend the Empower Yourself Project Studio, and definitely take any chance you have to connect with Patricia. I hope my travels bring me back someday!

Ann Thuesen


“A true self-empowering place”

After knowing for many years that I would someday have to be more mindful of myself, my body and my soul but never really felt in the right place to do so Patricia and The Empower Yourself Project crossed my path and I am so grateful for it! I have followed her yoga classes as well as had private reiki and tarot sessions and she blows my mind every time and I am so grateful. I can truly say that Patricia has helped me start my own empowering project in my body and soul. She has a deep knowledge and passion in her field and is extremely talented but more so she is calm, present and truly invested in helping each one of her students have the best experience every single time you walk into her studio. I would absolutely recommend The Empower Yourself Project to anybody looking to do something good for their body and mind!

Liz Schufman


“Reiki Energy Healing Session”

I had the pleasure of working with Patricia a couple of weeks ago while in Costa Rica and opted for a 90 minute Energy Healing Reiki Session and it was life-changing--by far the most profound spiritual experience I've ever had! Patricia was kind, respectful and full of love; I highly recommend seeing her if you are looking to heal or just want to connect more to the light within. Patricia's intuition about who I am and what I need was so spot-on (it was spooky--in a good way!) and the lessons I learned are something I will carry with me forever. I am so very happy I met Patricia--she is magic! Costa Rica was an amazing place--thank you, Patricia! Pura Vida!

Stephanie Allan


A very enlightening experience”

During my last trip to Costa Rica, I was lucky enough to stay at a home with a library including many spiritually themed books. I picked up the 7 Healing Chakras and found myself very interested and wanted to take it a step further. I, fortunately, found Patricia nearby and scheduled an energy healing session and tarot reading and am I ever glad I did. Patricia is very welcoming, serene, loving, and wise. The sessions with her were not only relaxing but her guidance and energy were beneficial more than I can say. I had never had Reiki before and was surprised at the changes I felt afterward. What I experienced in my sessions was wonderful. You will not be disappointed with a visit to Patricia.

Leigh Purcell


“A spiritual and physical renewal”

We happened upon The Empower Yourself Project on a sign walking down the street in Tamarindo. We went to yoga which was wonderful and relaxing. Sometimes the instructor pushes you so hard it is not relaxing. Patricia is very knowledgeable; without me asking she identified and corrected a problem I have been having with my elbow. We later found out that she practices Reiki. After some discussion and thought my husband and I said to ourselves.....why not? Patricia is gifted in this practice and materially did some wonderful healing and recharging of my body and mind. It is well worth the time and money to visit this special lady and place.

Simão Monroy



Amazing results from my first Reiki session! Great experience!!! I left the place feeling extremely relaxed and with no muscle pain anymore. Recommend everyone to try it out. Tx

Nicky G.


“A gentle holistic experience.”

Having spent approx. 15 hours traveling to get to Costa Rica I was really feeling the need to stretch and ground myself. Patricia was the perfect antidote. She offered a very gentle, kind and holistic class in a cool quiet space. Bliss. Coming from a dance background I am used to doing much more challenging classes, but I appreciated Patricia's gentle approach and I was after all on holiday! Highly recommended for anyone looking for a gentle class, particularly after a lot of traveling.

Daniela Larzabal


"Very good therapies and yoga class !!"

I warmly recommend people that come or live in Tamarindo, to take classes and do therapies with Patricia The Empower Yourself Project, from my personal experience: the therapies helped me a lot to overcome past traumas and live life in a harmonious way, Thanks to these therapies and the inner work after the therapy I began to listen and to have love for myself, to trust myself .. therapies, reiki, and a kind of yoga different to many other places, a yoga to feel your body and be yourself! It helps me a lot every day and I am very grateful.

Dana Romeo


 “Great service!”

I met with Patricia for a yoga class and tarot for self-awareness. I emailed her before meeting and she got back to me instantly. She was so pleasant. It was definitely one of the best yoga classes I have ever taken! Wish they had more people and classes like her in Philadelphia!

Virginia Vasquez


"It returns you to a perfect state of tranquility"

Due to travel, work and activities, I entered tense, unmotivated and just wanting the world to leave me alone. Your voice, your attitude, your skills, everything in her and in the space that I create to show us the true essence of yoga, Sali really relaxed, with the same problems as well as different vision of them, Between looking for a GOOD teacher of Yoga, I came out with a GREAT friend, AND RELAXED AS NEVER, really surprised in Tamarindo they had more people and classes like her in Philadelphia!



“A wonderful find for customized Yoga therapy”

there I was on vacation in Tamarindo Beach and felt the need for yoga and meditation. Came across her studio the first day, took Patricia's class, and was hooked. Went every day that I was there. Loved how she helped me and the other students adjust asanas for optimal benefit. Wish I could take her home with me.

Krystal Villanueva


“Energy Healing Massage”

Patricia is amazing! I came to Costa Rica for some overall healing and I finally made an appointment to see her on my last full day there (out of 12). I've been having some lower back pain and I felt it had a lot to do with some emotional baggage I have to let go. When I came in, she was so accommodating and I felt like I was at home. She truly focused on me and my concerns and listened. She recommended some oils then decided to do reiki. I felt truly relaxed and afterward, we discussed what she found - which was blockage around my heart chakra. I wasn't surprised but it was good to know my own intuitions were correct. I didn't get to try her yoga class but I wish I could have! She believes that TRUE yoga isn't only physical but mental as well. Patricia is such a beautiful soul! I highly recommend any type of therapy or yoga with her!

Nostin H.


“Inspiring place”

I’m so glad I found Patricia and her yoga studio in Tamarindo. She is very pleasant, inspiring and oh so knowledgeable teacher. She is a warm soul with a great personality. I had the best experience of my life, and I believe I found a teacher that I could learn so much from. Thanks for taking the time to understand and giving so much attention to everyone during the practices. You are so inspiring person, and I'm so glad I met/found you.


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“Exceptional workout for the body and nourishment for the soul”

Patricia welcomes you into the studio and makes you feel at home right away. She is extremely attentive to all and ensures that individual needs are met. Her calm voice not only reassures but inspires. I was fortunate to enjoy 4 different types of classes she offers and was impressed with each one of them. Patricia is experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate. Leaving the studio I felt balanced and energized as well as relaxed. Anyone -- regardless of level --who practices with Patricia will feel supported and empowered

Esther Lubenau