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I arrived for a Monday 8am class and half-way through the class, knew I was hooked. Patricia's teaching style and approach is so refreshing. She has an incredible ability to lead you through a class while focusing on yourself and the mind/body/spirit connection. I also had a Reiki treatment with Patricia, which was an almost indescribable experience. I felt relaxed, but more importantly enlightened afterward. It's clear that Patricia has a true gift when it comes to working with people and leading them to become more self-aware and focused on self-care and love. Patricia exudes love and light, joy and peace; and I cannot say enough good things about The Empower Yourself Project.

Lisa Smith, USA


Patricia Vieira

Clairvoyant Counsellor, Healer and Teacher 

My Self-Discovery and healing Journey started in the year 2000 when I realized my life had somehow gone wrong! Lost and confused about everything, I knew I had to change!  
In the first four years, I painstakingly tried to make sense of myself, others and life, looking for ways to anchor my feet firmly to the ground. When I finally understood the mechanics of this process everything slowly started to calm down and fit into its own due place.
This personal journey was what ultimately, and to my own surprise, led me to the work I do today.
Helping others to heal the different aspects of self, to learn how to live within and without in a constructive, positive, grounded and stable way, is at the core of what I do. My approach is simple, natural and uncomplicated, yet effective and fast. 
In January 2007 I decided to leave the corporate world for good and became a Yoga Teacher, knowing perfectly that that was just the beginning, of what exactly, I didn't know then. As the years went by, I remained committed to my self-development process and in learning and developing all the skills I needed in order to assist my students and clients the best I could. 
In 2010 I switched Lisbon for Madrid. Little did I know that was the beginning of an intense ten year living abroad and around the world chapter for me! The following years, I lived in Spain, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Croatia and would return to Portugal, my homecountry, sporadically.
While still living in Madrid, January 2012 brought me one of the most difficult challenges of my life when I saw my boyfriend suddenly pass away. This led me undoubtedly to the most profound, meaningful and intense chapter of the whole of my life and changed me and my life forever.
Life, death, the purpose of life, the purpose of my own life, my relationships and my very existence, why we are here and what for, what it all means, was all called into question in this process.
The profound understandings I got to at that time brought me to accept the parts of myself that I could not accept before and acknowledge and cherish who I am in essence and as a whole. 
After my boyfriend's passing, I acknowledged everything that I've been seeing, fearing and experimenting spiritually since I was four years old. And by doing so I finally felt truly at home within myself. I felt complete and true. Regardless of what anyone else had or has to say or thinks, this is my truth.
That acknowledgment led me to become a clairvoyant medium and to work with the healing tools that I found resulted in great breakthroughs and advancements for myself and others. 
Since 2007, when I decided to change my whole life and commit to be a yoga teacher and pursue a healthier lifestyle, that my attention is focused full time on studying, practicing and working with healing. Today my life and my work are no longer separate as they are entirely entangled. 
I am today, as I ever was, totally committed to study and practice whatever represents added value not only to you and to your self-discovery and healing journey but also mine.
The knowledge gathered these past 20 years, through continuous learning and personal breakthroughs as well as the experience collected while working with others is what I offer you.
My inner and outer travels led me to encounter many challenges and blisses. One of those blisses is my work and all the wonderful people from all over the world, that I had the pleasure and honor to meet, learn from and work with. The other greatest bliss is my ever-flourishing spiritual inner life, that constantly steers and motivates me to continue with this work, humbly, ethically and dedicatedly.  
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