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I got a tarot reading and she was so intuitive and smart about the things she said. Her read of my cards was insightful and truly meaningful to me. They were very personal messages that she understood and explained very simply. I didn't know what to expect going into it, but I got far more out of it than I imagined I would. She is absolutely right there with you, focused. She literally explained myself to me, and it made perfect sense. 

Laura Lee Lawrence, Canada
In-person and online sessions


Workshops & Speaking


In these workshops/speaking events, Patricia works with different practices and exercises to maximize and optimize their results.
Patricia bridges rationality and spirituality by offering razor-sharp insight, channeled spiritual wisdom and grounded practices and guidance.
The attendants will be led to access their inner-wisdom and respect their uniqueness as to access powerful insights and direction.
Patricia's workshops promote awareness, balance, release, clarity, healing and the foundational mindset needed in order to create positive and truly constructive and long-lasting change in yourself and in your life.  

Profound Experiences with Patricia

Patricia works with interactive lectures, spiritual channeling, soul healing yoga, energy and spiritual healing, mindfulness, guided meditation, breathwork, regression, cognition and other types of relevant and effective exercises. The approach is clean and uncomplicated, effective and inspiring. 

The Workshops

'Reawaken, develop and strengthen your Intuition' 

'Magic & Manifestation - How to create the life of your dreams'  

'Subconscious reprogramming, guided meditation and energy healing healing'

'Spiritually Channeled Q&A events - All the answers you ever needed'

'Self-Discovery, Personal, and Spiritual Development Through Yoga' and Meditation  

'Personal Development - Foundational Mindset & Rules for a happy life'

'Hypnotic ReBalancing and Healing' Workshops

'Past and Past Life regression, and Somatic movement for pattern breaking and healing'

Q&A about spirituality and the spiritual world

Q&A about Life, Death and  the Afterlife

Meet and work with Patricia

If you run a yoga center, a spiritually oriented space, a meditation or a holistic healing center, or if you are part of a private group that has an interest in any of the above, or related themes, you can invite Patricia to lead a workshop at your space.  Patricia will customize the experience to your particular space and interests so that you and your guests have a wonderfully insightful experience!


Patricia's experience, professionalism and innate ability to connect deeply with others while bringing them the insights they individually need to get will make your event a very special and inspiring one! These workshops are all focused on self-development, self-acceptance, positive and constructive change, personal insight and true healing from the very deepest level. 
Priscilla Meneses Madriz - Costa Rica



JJ Fryer - Canada


Jana Whitehead - Canada


I had a delightful and insightful experience with Patricia for two reiki sessions while in Tamarindo. Her space is as welcoming as she is. The sessions were the perfect accompaniment to a rejuvenating and relaxing vacation. Both a friend and I visited with her for different types of sessions and both feel blessed to have found her.

Shawna Bourke, Canada
in Person and Online sessions

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