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  • Can I have in Person sessions and readings?
    Yes! Remember that Patricia is a traveller, and may change her location often so write her an email to find out where Patrícia is located at the moment.
  • Are distance and online sessions as "good" as in person ones?"
    Yes! Patrícia has developed distance and online methodologies that allow for you to have a as wonderful experience in person as with distance/online sessions. Patrícia strives continuously to offer you the very best experience, no matter how or where sessions are done. At the core of her approach is offering the biggest value possible on each and every interaction with her. Patrícia's main goal is to help and guide you towards true bliss and wellbeing from the very first session. Positive, uplifting, empowering!
  • Which video-conference platforms can I chose for my online sessions?
    Patricia prefers doing online sessions through video conference, so you can choose one of the bellow platforms: - Skype - FaceTime - Facebook Video - Vsee (100% secure, Telehealth, video conference platform) Depending on the place you are located in the world, some of these platforms may be more or less stable than others, so chose the one that you have experienced being more stable and reliable for your session.
  • What if I don´t know which type of session or course would help me the most?
    Patrícia can help you chose the session(s) or/and course(s) that would benefit you the most and help you move forward more happily and confidently. For that contact Patrícia, and briefly let her know what's going on with you, your difficulties and issues, so she can advise on the very best session(s) for you personally. If you are dealing with long-term, recurring or really dificult to resolve issues, Patrícia can design a Full Healing Program just for you, that will help you address all issues and heal all that needs healing.
  • How do I book a session?
    You just need to send me an email and let me know what type of session you want to do, so we can schedule a session to your convenience. Remember that most sessions and readings require Patrícia to do some work in advance, so book your session with enough time for this to be done before your prefered day and time for the session.
  • Can I re-schedule if I can´t attend the scheduled session?
    Remember that many people need Patrícia's help and that she offers a limited number of daily sessions in order to maintain the highest session quality possible, so please try to book your session at a day and time that you are sure you can attend. However we all have had emergencies and unexpected situations in our lives that prevents us from being present to any given appointment, so you will always be able to re schedule your session.
  • What about payment?
    All sessions and readings require prepayment and no session will be effectivelly scheduled without payment. For more information on payment methods contact me, so I can advise on the best payment method for the part of the world you live in.
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