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Reiki Business Course

A business course for Holistic Practitioners

This Reiki Business Course is directed not only to Reiki Practitioners but also to all other types of Holistic Practitioners, ready to jump into a new Holistic business or that want to bring their existing professional practice into the next level.



In this course you'll learn about the overall needs to go forward with a business, customer attention, branding and marketing, the practice space needs and requirements to offer a high quality service to your customers, multiple income streams and much more. And after completing this course you'll be ready to plunge into opening your own Holistic business and you'll know everything to begin this new and exciting journey in a professional way.


This is not only a theoretical but also a very practical course. In this course you'll learn what you need to do and at the same time you'll be doing it by engaging in activities that will help you develop your business. You will create your own business concept (your brand), understand your potential client, design a compelling website and create effective products/services, learn about SEO and marketing, creating reputation, and more.


Creating a business can be a huge emotional roller coaster but remember that the most important factor to achieve success is YOU and you can overcome and achieve anything you propose yourself to. And that's why during this course we'll also approach all the aspects of your self that can hinder success and learn how-to overcome what needs resolution. We'll also approach how to take advantage of your natural skills and talents. 


To create a business is also a major task and it takes some time to fine tune it, so after this course, your teacher will be available for business consulting Sessions in order to help you and give you all the support and motivation you need to move forward confidently.


This is an intensive and thorough course that will help you begin the process of getting yourself out in the world, with confidence, knowledge, and professionalism so that you can share your passion and gifts with the whole world!

Patricia Vieira and The Empower Yourself Project - Reiki Business Course, Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Patricia Vieira and The Empower Yourself Project - Reiki Business Course, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

You will learn and experience:

  • You'll learn about & create your own personal brand & business concept

  • Being crystal clear about your practice offerings, your style & methodology, policies and pricing

  • Designing multiple streams of income (courses, workshops, classes, blogs, etc)

  • Business Practice Ethics & Legal requirements

  • Space requirements for a Holistic Practice

  • Customer care & Boundaries 

  • Explore Spiritual blockages related to money/the practice

  • Experience a Healing Session to undo possible blockages related to money/healing practices.

  • Learn about the need for a Website, how-to do it and the absolute requirements for an effective website

  • Start creating your own website

  • Easy, effective website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Effective ways to promote your business

  • Social Media specifics

  • How-to & starting to create & design your own business Flyer 

  • Bringing all the above together in a cohesive way

You will receive:

  • A Reiki Business Course Manual

  • A free 1h follow-up individual session 1 month after the completion of the course, in person or online.


Follow-up Sessions:

  • After the first free follow-up session that's is part of this course, private consulting sessions are available so to further assist you with setting up your own business. 

Reiki Business Course Options

Take a Scheduled Course or take a Course whenever you like!

Private Individual Course

7 days - 1340€


This is the best option if you are looking for a personalized approach to your personal situation and also would love customized help to create a business that reflects who you are.


Patricia will teach you everything you need to know about beginning a business and will assist you personally in taking the first steps towards doing it in an effective and professional way.


With this course you'll not only be learning the needed theory but you'll also work on your business actively. The 7 days will allow for you to do all this in a relaxed manner and being private course will help you advance much quicker.


If you are struggling with time and don't have the whole 7 days or if you are unable to come to Patricia, some of the course or even the whole course can be done via the internet. 


During the course you'll attend to classes with Patricia and also have daily homework to do by yourself.  

Private Reiki Master/Teacher Course + Reiki Business Course 

9 days - USD 1650 (you save USD 525)

Private Reiki Level 2 Course + Reiki Business Course 

8 days - USD 1550 (you save USD 325)


With this option you'll not only complete your Reiki Level 2 or Master/Teacher Master/Teacher training but you'll also complete a practical Reiki Business course that will help you open your own Reiki business.


In this private and individual course you'll learn how-to open a Reiki business, what you have to mandatorily do and have, how-to brand and market your business, sell your services in an ethical way and accordingly to the place where you'll open it and how-to create several streams of income, just to name a few. 


During these days you'll learn and practice everything related to the Reiki Master/Teacher Reiki Course and at the same time you'll learn how-to start your own business by yourself with a small budget.  


You'll also engage in other healing activities during the week that will help you complete all the learnings and stay focused, serene and peaceful.


Patricia together with you, will design your Retreat days in between classes and practices in the Holistic Center and outdoors both with her and by yourself, so that you get the most out of your Master/Teacher Reiki Course and Business Course.


This option is ideal for Reiki Practitioners that are sure to want to work full time with Reiki in the future or for Reiki Level 2 Practitioners that want to consolidate their practice and bring their business to the next level.

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