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Relationship Healing

In this session, you'll receive a full personal Energy Healing Session + Relationship Healing + Holistic & Clairvoyant Counseling.


This session is a three in one combo, as it is a complete personal healing session, where you'll receive a complete Chakra and Aura cleanse and balance, Reiki and spiritual healing, a relationship healing, and holistic and intuitive counseling. 


These healing sessions are ideal for when relationships reach their end and you need to let go and move forward with your life in a healthy and serene way. The relationship you need to heal may be your ex-boyfriend or ex-spouse, a friend or a family member that you cannot get along with. Most times this healing session will be done during or after a divorce or a separation. 


This session will help you cut any painful, toxic and/or damaging ties that you may have formed with your Ex, friend or family member, and help you let go of them.


This session releases and dissolves ONLY the painful and damaging bonds, while maintaining the loving and caring ones. This means this healing will serve the highest good of both involved in the relationship, therefore potentiating a friendly and well-meant goodbye from both parts.

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This session requires some personal work from you for the combined work of Patricia and yourself will ground and potentiate the healing session, leading it to an effective result.

It is important that you realize that for this session to be effective, you need to be willing and truly want to let go of the person and the relationship, and want to move forward with your life. If you are not still in this stage you'd better wait before doing this session or instead do Intuitive Reiki sessions to help you get to the point when you feel you are ready to let go and do a Relationship Healing. 

If you have any doubt about this session and need help with your divorce/separation process please contact Patricia.

Single Session:

1:30 Session - USD 125€

Online Relationship Healing Sessions are also available.

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