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Energy & Spiritual Cleanse

of people and places

You may already have lived or worked in a place that feels dense and heavy, like having a strange or negative energy or that causes you a strange feeling that creeps you out. That "feeling" or sense may have always been there or may suddenly appear out of nowhere.

Sometimes you may even get an eerie feeling by entering a specific room or you can even start seeing shadows or unexplainable noises or things moving places without you moving them.


Energy is everywhere and everything is energy so most places will still contain the energy of past events that occurred in that place/room and the energy of people that lived there previously or even the energy that got stuck there from situations that you yourself may have gone through there.


If these circumstances were overall happy and calm that will be the feeling of the place, but if there were less happy and more negative occurrences this energy may feel unpleasant or heavy and the best action to take it's to cleanse the place and restore a light, happy, serene type of energy.


The above is the most common scenario but sometimes you may also feel/sense/see/hear spiritual presences of people that have passed away, and again this may feel ok or on the other hand truly unpleasant and negative, so again the best course of action will be to cleanse the place and/or the person that is feeling it in a more compromising and negative way. Most often these energies are not harmful or dangerous but can cause some mental and emotional distress and that's why it's so important to clear them away.


To live a healthy, happy life we must also live and work with our own energies as well as the energies of those around us, whether still in the flesh or in spirit. Uninvited energies may, willingly or unwillingly, cause pain, confusion, and mayhem in ourselves and lives, uneededly disrupting our daily lives. That is why it's so fundamental to cleanse spaces before we move in so that we move into our own space, not the energetic space of others that were previously there.


To have a clean, purified, peaceful, happy and light energy at our home or workspace is paramount to our wellbeing and happiness and must not be overlooked. ❤️

Patricia Vieira and The Empower Yourself Project - Space's Cleanse and Blessing, Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Patricia Vieira and The Empower Yourself Project - Space's Cleanse and Blessing, Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Patricia Vieira and The Empower Yourself Project - Space's Cleanse and Blessing, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Symptoms of Energetic disruption:

  • Strangely cold or hot spots; 

  • Feeling heaviness, eeriness, air stagnation or event fear/anxiety of being inside a certain room or in the whole space;

  • Unexplained smells (ex: cigarettes, perfume, flowers);

  • Unexplained fatigue, headaches, stress, emotional distress or/and insomnia when moving to a new space or just by entering the space;

  • Sounds of people moving without being there;

  • Objects disappearing and reappearing often;

  • Seeing shadows, mists, orbs or apparitions;

  • Hearing voices of people that are not there;

  • Lights buzzing, turning on or off by themselves often;

  • Frequent nightmares;

  • Physical contact, being touched, or pushed;


A Cleanse and Blessing Session will normally take about 30 minutes to 1h to be completed but this will depend largely on space's size as bigger spaces will take longer to be cleansed.


After your house, apartment, business cleansing you'll feel an immediate sensation of lightness and a light and positive energy flow throughout the space.


When selling a space, doing a Cleanse will also be very beneficial as it will help sell the space more quickly by providing a purified, light, happy and serene energy to it, which will make it more attractive to prospective buyers. 


A monthly Space Cleanse is also very beneficial for everyone that uses the space for it keeps your home/business/etc with a constant light and positive energy flow by cleansing all stuck energies due to arguments, negative moments and feelings, illness, etc.

Single Session:

Up to 1000 sq/ft - 100 m2 - 100€
Up to 2000 sq/ft - 200m2  - 225€
Up to 4000 sq/ft  - 400m2- 425€
Up to 8,000 sq/ft - 750m2 - 800€


Displacement fee is not considered in the prices above as displacement fees will vary accordingly to location.

Distance Cleanse and Blessing Sessions are also available.

These sessions do not require Patricia's physical presence to be done effectively. For more information on Distance Sessions click here

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