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"Chakra Balance" Healing Oil

In this area you'll find information about your Healing Oil blend , how-to use it and a few different Meditations that you can use with it.
"Chakra Balance" Healing Oil Benefits
This Healing Oil blend was created to assist you when feeling the need to balance and heal the whole self and will:  
  • Keeps the 7 Chakras Balanced
  • Grounds and Calms
  • Confort and make you feel safe
  • Improves natural Joy and Happiness
  • Helps balance your Self-Image
  • Balances Emotions
  • Improves Communication
  • Connects to your Divine Self 
This Healing Oil Blend is gently infused with Chamomile Roman, Patchouli, Peppermint, Sweet Orange, Cedar Wood, Lavender, Cypress, Frankincense, Geranium and Rose. This is a very balancing Oil and will help you to feel more grounded within yourself and your life, emotionally secure and relaxed, and spiritually connected. This Healing Oil, like all others have also been infused and blessed with Reiki Healing Energy and Angelic Healing.
How-to Use this Balancing Oil
Follow the guidelines bellow for optimal use of your blend! 
  • You can use the "Chakra Balance" Healing Oil blend 1 to 3 times a day. If you choose to use it only once a day, use it just before going to bed. 
  • After use check how you feel so to assess a personal optimal frequency of application.​ If 3 times a day feels too much, reduce application to 2 times a day, if twice is too much apply it only once a day. If once a day is still too much apply it every two days. 
  • Apply the "Chakra Balance" Healing Oil to the the 7 Main Chakra Centers (see chart on the left):
    • Crown (top of the head, a little to the back)
    • Third Eye (in between eyebrows)
    • Throat (In the base of the neck, at the hollow of the collarbone) 
    • Heart (In the center of the breastbone)
    • Solar Plexus (Between the Navel and Solar Plexus)
    • Sacral (4 fingers above the navel)
    • Root (on the base of the spine, where genitals and the tailbone is, because you cannot apply oil to this area apply it on your lower back, close to the coccyx area) 
  • If the above kind of application does not resonate with you then apply it ti chest, writs, forearms and to the soles of the feet.
  • As you rub it gently, make soft circular movements. As you do this you can use one of the Meditations bellow so to increase the Healing power of your oil blend.
  • Make the moment you use the blend, a sacred moment for yourself. :)
The Empower Yourself Project - Chakra Balance Healing Oil
The Empower Yourself Project - Chakra Balance Healing Oil
"Chakra Balance" Meditations
You can use one of the meditations bellow regularly or you can also use different Meditations during the day accordingly to how you feel, the time you have or where you are.
Mindfulness Meditation 
As you apply the oil be present and aware of any sensations, feelings, emotions, thoughts, images that the loving smell and feel of the oil may make arise. Allow yourself to be taken away by the wonderful smell and the smooth velvety sensation as you massage it on your skin. Stay with all the relaxing feelings and sensations, anchor your awareness to those calming, serene feelings and stay with it until you finish application.  
Affirmation & Visualization Meditation 
As you apply the oil you can use the following affirmations for each of the chakras and visualize the Chakras colour at the same time:
  • "My Crown Chakra is Balanced,My Whole Being is Healed" (Purple)
  • "My 3rd Eye Chakra is Balanced,My Whole Being is Healed"(Indigo)
  • "My Throat Chakra is Balanced,My Whole Being is Healed" (Blue)
  • "My Heart Chakra is Balanced,My Whole Being is Healed" (Green)
  • "My Solar Plexus Chakra is Balanced,My Whole Being is Healed"(Yellow)
  • "My Sacral Chakra is Balanced,My Whole Being is Healed"(Orange)
  • "My Root Chakra is Balanced,My Whole Being is Healed" (Red)
Use this affirmation as a "Mantra", repeat it mentally or out loud, several times, until you finish the Healing Oil application. After you finish the oil application you can also extend the Meditation by continuing to repeat"My Whole Being is Balanced and Healed" for the length of time you feel needed. You can also use this affirmation whenever you feel unbalanced and out of sorts.
Guided Meditation 
As soon as possible, I'll post a free Audio with a special Guided Meditation for the "I Love Me" Healing Oil! :)

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