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"ReConnect To Your Beautiful Self"

Transformational Empowering Healing Retreat
Life Changing Experience

A personalized, small and intimate Retreat where you'll find all the support, guidance, care and love that you need so to make fundamental self-discoveries, heal past and present and embrace the change you need so to move forward with your life filled with self-confidence, inner-peace and contentment.


This Healing Retreat focus on a deep self-exploration of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Patricia and her team will, through several practices, experiences and therapies, kindly guide you towards a fundamental understanding of yourself and your life. This understanding will help you make the needed understandings that will undoubtedly lead you towards making the life decisions that are truly aligned with your Soul's most profound desires.


This Self-Discovery and Healing Retreat is ideal for anyone seeking guidance, support and motivation for changing painful patterns, overcome difficult life situations or implement fundamental life changes. It is also ideal for anyone seeking to improve their life through personal or spiritual development.


All this will be done in a peaceful, positive and inspiring environment, filled with tropical beauty. The Empower Yourself Project team designed a gentle and inspiring healing environment where everything you'll experience will help you surmount difficulties, feel joyous , light and peaceful!

The Empower Yourself Project - Life Changing Retreat Costa Rica

What you'll get from this Retreat:

  • Re-Connect with you true inner-self and learn more about yourself;

  • Experience Aha ! Moments;

  • Gain new insightful perspectives on yourself and your life;

  • Let go of negative emotions;

  • Let go of the past and move forward in a positive, serene way;

  • Learn how-to make needed changes and how-to implement them in your life;

  • Relax and Re-Energise body, mind, heart and spirit;

  • Take your workbook home with you;

  • Take a Healing Action Plan home with you;

  • A Retreat team working together, in sync, to offer you everything you need so to complete all the above in a feel good way;

  • Peaceful, inspiring environment;

  • Beautiful tropical setting;

  • A private retreat-home with a private sea view pool;

  • Be part of a small, intimate Retreat group;

  • Optional continued support after the Retreat.


  • Tropical Welcome Drink upon Arrival

  • 6 Yoga morning classes

  • 6 Sunset Mindfulness Meditation classes 

  • 1 “La Senda” Labyrinth Healing Walk with Yoga & Meditation & Breakfast at the farm

  • 1h Individual Life Guidance Session 

  • 1h Individual Tarot for S.A. Reading 

  • 1 Relaxing Massage

  • Daily therapeutical group Sessions

  • 1 Self-Discovery Workbook

  • 3 Fresh & Local Fusion Cuisine meals per day

  • Healthy snacks between meals

  • Infused waters and natural juices, tea and hot herbal infusions, coffee

  • 7 day accommodation on private/shared room 

  • Private Pool with Sea view & Tropical Garden

  • 5 minute walk to the beach, shops and supermarkets

"Patricia has a profound psychic aptitude, and has the ability to transform people's lives. Patricia will not only restore your physical and emotional well-being, but also guide you and provide you with the knowledge to self-heal and transform from within."

Cornelius Sheehan - Ireland

What to Bring:

• Swimming Suit, beach towel, hat, sun glasses and sun lotion
• Comfortable clothes for yoga and meditation, clothes and foot wear for hot weather
• Mosquito repellent
• Pen, pencil, eraser, colored felt tip pens, a sticky note colored pad and a notebook for journaling

Not Included:

• Flights

• Travel and Health Insurance

• Transfers from and to any of the airports

• Personal transportation in and around Tamarindo area.

The Empower Yourself Project - Life Changing Retreat Costa Rica

Optional Activities:

  • 1h Intuitive Reiki Healing Session – 75$ or 1:30h Session – 95$/Session​

  • 1h Pranic Healing Session - 75$

  • 1h Relaxing Massage - 45$

  • 1h Deep Tissue Massage - 55$

  • 2h Horseback ridding tours – 45$/person

  • 1h Surf Lessons – 45$/person

  • Manicure and Pedicure (price upon request)

The Empower Yourself Project - Life Changing Retreat Costa Rica

Retreat Date: 2019

Tamarindo - Costa Rica

Max Attendance: 

Min Attendance:


Standard Room with shared bathroom: 


Private Suite with private bathroom:

Re-Connect to Your Beautiful Self" Retreat Team 

Knowledge, Professionalism, commitment and Care

Patricia Vieira

Patricia is from Portugal and she is a Holistic Life Guide, Reiki Master/Teacher, Holistic Tarot Reader, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Intuitive and Founder of The Empower Yourself Project. Her journey began in the year 2000 when she realised much in her life was out of sorts. From then to this day Patricia has studied, experimented, lived and taught around the world searching for ways to access the deepness and truths of being. Her basic teaching and healing concepts are simple but powerful: We are all different and we must be approached in a personalised way so to be able to move forward and away from difficulty. Happiness relies solely in being and expressing ourselves as we are so we all must go into a journey of true self-discovery so to be able to access the happiness we pursue. Inspiring teacher and healing facilitator, she will guide you towards the discovery of the core of yourself.


Gitanjali is from Italy and is a Hatha Yoga Teacher and Pranic Healing Practitioner. The main goal of her yoga classes consists on keeping the balance between effort and relaxation, physical and mental activity, with a basic flow sequence of postures that gradually increases flexibility, tone muscles and invigorate the overall body. The attention is directed towards the breathing, to allow the mind to concentrate, leading it into a state of relaxation. Mind and body will truly be united achieving a receptive harmony in the interior. Gita is also a Pranic Healing Practitioner, a holistic “no-touch” healing technic for health, human wellbeing and spiritual development that she believes is much related to the benefits of yoga.

Yoga Teacher and Pranic Healer

Eliane Rombouts

Eliane was born in Switzerland and has been living in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, for the past 11 years. She is a mother of a super cute and beautiful 7 year old curly girl and works for Patricia as her assistant, helping with the production, logistics, organization and anything else she can help with as Eliane is very pro-active and loves to help others. Eliane is also the property manager of the beautiful house where we will spend this 7 day Retreat together. Eliane loves to take care of people and make them feel comfortable, relaxed and happy. Before, during and after the Retreat, Eliane will take care of your doubts and needs in a professional, attentive and caring way.

Your Retreat Happiness Assistant

Priscilla Julius

I was born and raised in Costa Rica, surrounded by farm land and nature. I am in love with life's daily gifts. Food and people to share it with, is one very close to my heart.  My training as a food engineer first took me in the path of discovery of the power of food,  from the seed to the table.  It also sparked a desire of knowledge about nutrition, processing effects, bioavailability of nutrients and health effects of food as a whole entity.It was through food that I started to obtain self awareness, understood that it was within me the possibility to heal myself, find peace and joy.  And also how our intention can be transferred to others with it I love my family am friends, to travel, hike, being in nature, and constantly learn new things. 

New ingredients, cooking techniques, food: cultures opened up a new world for me, and I am very excited to share it with you! 

Food Designer and Nutricional Expert

Jimena Abarca

Nací en Costa Rica y vivo en Playa Potrero, amo y disfruto mucho del mar; me encanta estar con mi familia y mis amigos, soy Fisioterapeuta y a la vez curso mi maestría en Osteópatia. Me apasiona mi trabajo y interactuar con las demás personas.

Physiotherapist and owner of Lavander Spa

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Life Changing Experience!!

Tara Nichols - USA

“One of those experiences that can really change you...”

Katie Smith - Canada

"A Self-Discovery Journey"

Susann Redlich - Germany

Our tropical home for the week

A Retreat made for you

We will stay at a beautiful 5 room tropical home at Tamarindo beach village. The house location makes it both wonderfully serene, peaceful and private and close to all shops, supermarkets, banks and the beach. The house has a private pool with sea view and a cute tropical graden.


During the Retreat you'll have enough free time to enjoy the house and it's utilities as well as it's surroundings. The house has one Suite bedroom with a private bathroom and another four bedrooms with shared bathrooms.


The house offers all necessary requirements to develop the activities we'll be engaged in during the Retreat and has a wonderful peaceful and beautiful energy that will add hugely to all sessions.   

The Empower Yourself Project - Life Changing Retreat Costa Rica

Delicious Fresh and Local food

Our food will come from local and organic farms nearby Tamarindo Beach. Fresh and tasty, healthy and delicious food will be prepared daily for you! 


Meals will be prepared in our kitchen by our Nutritional Expert and our Cook. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served outside, in our eating area facing the pool. 

We'll cater for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian attendants. Well balanced, light but fulfilling meals will keep your energy high while feeling physically light, peaceful and healthy throughout the day. Healthy snacks, water and infused waters, tea and coffee will be available throughout the day.  If there's any restriction to your diet please advise us. 

The Empower Yourself Project - Life Changing Retreat Costa Rica

Patricia designed this Retreat in a way so that all activities, all you eat, breath, see, feel, is linked, interlaced and working objectively towards helping you move forward and away from what has been limiting yourself and your life. 

The whole team will be working together and in constant communication so to help each person to reach the goals she has when coming to this Life Changing Retreat.  

This is not just another retreat with dispersed activities and team. This is a Wholesome Retreat with a Compact Solid Team that has a full understanding of your needs and is totally committed to working together and with you so to help you heal and move forward in a positive, serene and joyful way. 

The Empower Yourself Project - Life Changing Retreat Costa Rica

Tamarindo's Labyrinth 

Tamarindo's "La Senda" Labyrinth is the biggest labyrinth in the world and is wonderfully located a few kilometers from Tamarindo Beach! 

The "La Senda" Labyrinth was created after several different energy points were discovered within the "La Senda" property.  It was designed by an arquitect specialized in Sacred Geometry and labyrinth design and the chosen design for this labyrinth intends to allow us expansion, inspiration and spiritual self discovery.   

When walking this labyrinth it's impossible not to feel it's different and strong energy and this is why our Retreat will conduct an healing activity there. After our activity we'll indulge in a delicious, locally grown and cooked breakfast within the Labyrinth's property.   

The Empower Yourself Project - Life Changing Retreat Costa Rica
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