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Reiki Level 2 Course Retreat

In this Retreat you'll receive the Level 2 Reiki training in a personalised and intimate environment. This Reiki Level 2 Course is the first step into your Reiki journey and this Retreat will guide you into all you need to know so to begin your Reiki Journey in a knowledgeable, safe and trustful way. 


During the Retreat you'll be totally immersed in this Reiki Level 2 course and other healing complimentary practices that will add immensely to this experience. Healing Yoga, Meditation and other practices will bring you into peacefulness and serenity, opening your whole being to absorbing profoundly all aspects of this Reiki course.  


You'll be part of a small group of people that will be accommodated in a tropical home, with a sea view private pool and a tropical garden. 5m walking to the beach and Tamarindo village center where all shops, restaurants and banks are. You'll be able to enjoy some free time to explore the village and the beach and we can also book some optional activities for you. 


Patricia and the team will help you feel at home, cared for and comfortable the whole time you are with us, so that you take the most out of this Retreat and take home an experience to remember!

Patricia Vieira and The Empower Yourself Project - Reiki Level 2 Course Retreat, Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Patricia Vieira and The Empower Yourself Project - Reiki Level 2 Course Retreat, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

The 2nd Degree Reiki Certified Course is one step further in your Reiki Journey! After the 1st Level course that is focused on Self-Healing, this 2nd Level course is more focused on offering you the necessary tools to begin offering Reiki to others, professionally.

You will receive a 2nd Degree Attunement to Reiki Energy that will further open your whole being to become more powerfully attuned and sensitive to Reiki Healing energy, .


You will also learn three Reiki symbols that will help you empower your Reiki Healing sessions, adding a boost to all sessions performed on yourself and others and helping you to magnify and focus the Reiki Energy. You'll learn how-to use them in your sessions and in your life. Healing past, present and future as well as Distance Reiki Healing will also be taught during this course.

In this Level 2 course you'll also discover more about when to start and how-to start offering Reiki to others professionally. We'll also cover all ethical and practical requirements to do so.

After the course, you'll do another 21 day practice and study with Patricia's support, so that you deepen and solidify your practice and study of Reiki. A follow-up session will be made after the 21 day practice, either in person or via skype. 

Know all the details about The Level 2 Reiki course by clicking here.

What you'll get from this Retreat:

  • Complete Level 2 Reiki Course training (All information about this course here!);

  • Reiki Practitioner Level 2 International Certificate;

  • Bring your Reiki practice to another level; 

  • Possibility to begin offering Reiki professionally;

  • Advance further in your personal development through Reiki;

  • Discover how to empower your Reiki Sessions;

  • Relax and Re-Energise body, mind, heart and spirit;

  • Take your Reiki Workbook home with you;

  • Beautiful tropical setting;

  • Peaceful, inspiring environment;

  • Be part of a small, intimate Retreat group;

  • A private retreat-home with a private sea view pool;

  • A Retreat team committed to take good care of you;

  • Continued support from Patricia (your Reiki Teacher) after the Retreat.


  • Welcome Drink upon Arrival

  • Morning Healing Yoga classes 

  • Sunset Meditation classes 

  • Group Reiki learning and practice Sessions 

  • 1 Reiki Level 2 Workbook

  • Plenty of Reiki practice

  • Fresh & Local meals

  • Healthy snacks between meals

  • Infused waters, tea and herbal infusions, coffee

  • 3 day accommodation on private/shared room

  • Use of private Pool with Sea view

  • Use of the tropical Garden

  • 5 minute walk to the beach, shops and supermarkets

"Patricia is a wonderful teacher and working with her was invaluable, her guidance and love brought me to a greater sense of self."

Tara Nichols - USA

What to Bring:

• Swimming Suit, beach towel, hat, sun glasses and sun lotion
• Comfortable clothes for yoga and meditation, clothes and foot wear for hot weather
• Mosquito repellent
• Pen, pencil, eraser and a notebook.

Not Included:

• Flights

•Travel and Health Insurance

• Transfers from and to any of the airports

• Personal transportation in and around Tamarindo area.

Patricia Vieira and The Empower Yourself Project - Reiki Level 2 Course Retreat, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Optional Activities:

  • 1h Private Intuitive Reiki Session - 75$

  • 1h Life Guidance Session - 85$

  • 1h Tarot For-Self-Awareness Session - 85$

  • 1h Relaxing Massage - 45$

  • 1h Deep Tissue Massage - 55$

  • 2h Horseback ridding tours – 45$/person

  • 1h Surf Lessons – 45$/person

Patricia Vieira and The Empower Yourself Project - Reiki Level 2 Course Retreat, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Next Retreat Date: 2018

Tamarindo - Costa Rica

Max Attendance: 8

Min Attendance: 5

All included Retreat price for:

  • Private Standard Room with shared Bathroom:1850$/1660€ - Sharing the Room with a friend:

  • Private Suite with Private Bathroom – $/ Sharing the Room with a friend:

Patricia Vieira and The Empower Yourself Project - Reiki Level 2 Course Retreat, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Reiki Level 2 Course Retreat Team 

Knowledge, Professionalism, commitment and Care

Patricia Vieira

Patricia is from Portugal and she is a Holistic Life Guide, Reiki Master/Teacher, Holistic Tarot Reader, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Intuitive and Founder of The Empower Yourself Project. Her journey began in the year 2000 when she realized much in her life was out of sorts. From then to this day Patricia has studied, experimented, lived and taught around the world searching ways to access the deepness and truths of being. Her basic teaching and healing concepts are simple but powerful: We are all different and we must be approached in a personalized way so to be able to move forward and away from difficulty. Happiness relies solely in being and expressing ourselves as we are so we all must go into a journey of true self-discovery so to be able to access the happiness we pursue. Inspiring teacher and healing facilitator, she will guide you towards the discovery of the core of yourself.

Eliane Rombouts

Eliane was born in Switzerland and has been living in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, for the past 11 years. She is a mother of a super cute and beautiful 7 year old curly girl and works for Patricia as her assistant, helping with the production, logistics, organization and anything else she can help with as Eliane is very pro-active and loves to help others. Eliane is also the property manager of the beautiful house where we will spend this 7 day Retreat together. Eliane loves to take care of people and make them feel comfortable, relaxed and happy. Before, during and after the Retreat, Eliane will take care of your doubts and needs in a professional, attentive and caring way.

Your Retreat Happiness Assistant

Priscilla Julius

I was born and raised in Costa Rica, surrounded by farm land and nature. I am in love with life's daily gifts. Food and people to share it with, is one very close to my heart.  My training as a food engineer first took me in the path of discovery of the power of food,  from the seed to the table.  It also sparked a desire of knowledge about nutrition, processing effects, bioavailability of nutrients and health effects of food as a whole entity.It was through food that I started to obtain self awareness, understood that it was within me the possibility to heal myself, find peace and joy.  And also how our intention can be transferred to others with it I love my family am friends, to travel, hike, being in nature, and constantly learn new things. 

Food Designer and Nutricional Expert

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