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Essential Oils Safety

In this area you'll find important information about the Healing Oils you've acquired from us, like important use information as well as meditations that go together with each oil blend.
Scroll down to find information pertaining your Healing Oil! :) 

Essential Oil Safety
Healing Oils are made with 100% Pure Essential Oils infused in Organic Coconut and Almond oil and all powered with Reiki Healing Energy! 
Essential Oils are very powerful and it's use should be done with care, awareness and intention. With Essential Oils, as with most things in life, Less is actually More!
It's important to know how-to use them in an aware way and for that you need to learn some important information about them like:
  • Some essential oils are phototoxic and can cause irritation, blistering, inflammation and redness. I, as a rule, never use any kind of essential oil when I'm going to expose myself to the sun. I have very sensitive skin so better take good care of it! :)
  • If you are pregnant investigate what kind of essential oils are safe to use. Some essential oil's should be avoided during pregnancy and there are some that are safe to use throughout pregnancy but only if the pregnancy is developing normally. Research and be informed!
  • Do a patch test and discover your sensitivity to essential oils. Apply a small amount of essential oil healing blend to the forearm and wait 24h. If there's no irritation then it's safe to use.
  • Essential oils should not be taken internally. There are some Aromatherapists that advice taking them internally but I find them so powerful that I feel they should never be taken internally and you actually don't need to so to feel it's wonderful effects. 
  • Essential oils are flammable. Keep them away from heat and fire sources.
  • When using essential oils always research! People are very different and the way we react is also different. We all have physical issues, strengths and debilities so we have to discover what suits us and what doesn't. When going through any illness or health change you should always figure out if it's safe to continue using essential oils or not. If something feels wrong, investigate! 
The Empower Yourself Project - Essential Oils Safety
The Empower Yourself Project - Essential Oils Safety
The Empower Yourself Project - Essential Oils Safety

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