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Feb 2018 Reading - Be kind, Listen & Hug!

This past month of January marked the beginning of 2018 and in a quite spectacular way! Many of you may have felt that some areas of your life felt like they were crumbling down and left you somewhat reeling. Undoubtedly the Super Blue Blood Moon of January 31st had a part to play on it all but was not the sole culprit!

2018 comes with many changes, often for the better but nonetheless you need to keep your eyes wide open and aware of where your decisions and paths are leading you to so to be able to make the best decisions for yourself. Changing moments often feel yucky as we have to deal with so many unpleasant and difficult facts and emotions and facing the reality of a difficult situation is never easy. But on the bright side, you, like me and all of us, have already gone through fundamental changes in your life and you know that in the end everything will be fine!

The difficulty and emotional upset that you may have felt in January, that I felt too and strongly, made me be absolutely sure that this month we all need to be inspired with some LOVE through our monthly reading! :) Because of this I choose the ‘Whispers of Love’ oracle for this February’s reading. I hope you’re already feeling the Looove! ❤️

For this reading I also decided on uncovering some information about your main strengths and weakness as well as receiving the best advice for February, so to help you prepare and help yourself with what is coming your way.

In February your biggest strength will come from being kind and loving to others. Often we do not realise how powerful simple acts of kindness to others can be, but it’s true power lyes in the certainty that love generate love, and that is how that energy spreads out. This creates a net of positive emotion and situations that will start with you and will spread out into infinity.

When you are kind and loving to others you not only immediately shine their day but you also encourage them to pass on that same loving energy to others. This creates an endless interlaced net of positive energy and joy of which you can be the initiator. We all enjoy to be nurtured and supported just because, for no other reason and interest at all than for just simple kindness.

How nurturing it is to be having a really bad day and as you walk down the street a stranger openly and warmly smiles at you! Many of my ‘bad’ days were instantly transmuted into lightness and good feeling by this act of kindness and I’m sure my own acts of kindness also offered this same process to someone else. And the greatest thing is that this energy is reciprocal, when you are kind to others you also receive this same energy back to you which means you day will shine too! 🌟

Remember that kindness can and must be directed to any living being - human, animal, plant, the earth - whatever feels more natural to you. These simple acts of kindness will also connect you deeply to the other, whoever she/he/it may be. And this will happen even if you don’t exchange a word and the other is a passing by stranger. This connection is a soul level connection, one that will let you know that you are not alone, that we are all connected and that a simple act of kindness is in reality an act of unconditional love.

So keep yourself grounded in your ability to share this kindness with yourself, loved ones, co-workers, strangers, animals, plants, the planet, and the whole universe, really. This is an energy that will come back to you threefold and help you go through your challenges gracefully, not only this month but every day of your life.

As far as the greatest weakness we all will face next month, it will be some inability to listen carefully to what is being said… Often due to stress, lack of time, tiredness, emotional upset or being on auto-pilot we receive information just superficially and worst than that wrongfully! It is important to be fully present and listen with your whole heart to whatever is being communicated to you. This communication with the other can be verbal, emotional, energetic, spiritual or mental but independently of the ‘type’ of communication you will need to listen intently, and do so with your whole heart in it.

Deep, loving listening is not only about receiving the message, as it is about processing it in depth, going beyond appearances or triggers and receiving it fully and truthfully within your whole being. Only when you are able to fully receive and process the message can you respond to it in the correct way. This deep, loving listening will avoid you misunderstandings and unnecessary pain next month so keep your awareness strong so than whenever you perceive yourself not listening you can adjust that behaviour so to become more successful in your communication with others.

And if you are in an emotional state in which you cannot listen at all, then tell the other that you are not feeling yourself and you are not being able to listen and process whatever is being said. As best practice you should always postpone the conversation for a moment when you feel you can be fully present and listen genuinely to what is being said.

The spiritual advice for next month is quite simple, forward and very much interlaced with your strength of the month, as it is about being kind and loving through physical touch! Often we go through difficult moments and at that time all we need to motivate and help us go through the process is to receive a hug, a kiss, or that someone just holds our hand for a moment. This goes both ways so when someone around you is going through this type of process, a bear hug can go a long way and do wonders for the other! 👫

Some people have a greater, let’s say ‘abilily’, to be physical and to lovingly touch others naturally, while for others this can be extremely difficult and even almost impossible to do. Being able to touch naturally is as much about losing fears about oneself and others as it is about overcoming past traumas and difficult situations. I’ve never met a baby that does not like to be lovingly touched, actually babies LOVE to be touched, so if we grow up having problems with touch then this is a learned reaction and we need to get to the bottom of it in order to understand and heal whatever is there hindering us.

This obviously does not not mean that you should go out and hug every stranger in the street! Remaining wise and aware of the other's deepest intentions is paramount, so use your intuition to make that discernment. I often hug people I have just met, in my practice I do that with everyone that can receive and accept a hug, which is about 98% of my students and clients. But I am very conservative when I meet or receive a person that I feel can be harmful to me in any way. Often for me this just means receiving harmful energy, however I have already several times in my life avoided getting in real harms way just by using my intuition and making the best decision for the situation at hand.

So, wrapping this all together, when you think about the weakness of the month, that is not listening and the need to do so with your heart, then you also realise that you can listen and be supportive in your communication with others in a physical way. Physical touch can be a very effective way to tell others that you are listening and that you are lovingly present to what is being said. Then again, there’s people that have difficulty communicating verbally and will more easily communicate through touch, so receive that also intently and try to bring to light what is being said through touch too.

When we add the strength of the month to it all then it means that you should act kindly and as you listen profoundly to what is being said you can also be supportive of the other through touch. Remember that this doesn’t mean being deceptive, this is about communicating truthfully, kindly and lovingly with others, even when telling them something they do not want to hear.

All in all, this month you should focus intently on your communication with others, as all the above is about communicating in three different ways: through action, hearing and touch. Remember that this communication must be done tenderly so that you truly support others, and yourself!, through it. This is also a month to focus and meditate on what Unconditional Love is all about, and all good things it can bring to you, to the ones around you and your life.

Spread the LOVE! ❤️😊

Wishing you a wonderfully warm and loving month! :)

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