April's Tarot Forecast: Dreams, Stars & Magic ✨🌟🌈

Holistic Tarot Readings - The Empower Yourself Project

Like I had predicted in my March’s Tarot forecast, much may have suddenly changed in your life recently, as losses and painful changes were in the cards for the month of March. These changes can bring minor to really major life transformations. What you have to know is that now it’s the ideal time to regroup, rethink, start healing and reorganising yourself in order to move forward with hope, confidence and joy.

What we are leaving behind at this time is not only an unrealistic dream but also struggle, inner-fighting and conflictive feelings rooted in an apparently comfortable situation. This situation has, in honest truth, eaten through to your Soul leaving you lost and confused. As the reality and truthfulness of this situation arises in its power and glory, painful acknowledgements must be done but fortunately a sense of relief can also be achieved.

There’s a certain duality to it all that may seem surprising at first but that will give a much wanted and deserved easiness and serenity to the whole process. All in all, it will be painful, it will for sure hurt as hell, but it will also be somehow liberating and even relaxing.

This futile dream had an apparent comfort and stability to it but was all about deception and distortion. In truth it embodied an inherent toxicity and lack of clarity and truth that ultimately ended up leaving you emptied and stuck. Major efforts, thoughts and actions were put into this situation but not always for the right reasons, and for sure these reasons were not clear and purely aligned between all the involved.

A sensuous sense comfort, hope and fulfilment, due to desires related to building something new, strong and long-lasting, whatever that was, a business, home, family, a true love relationship, stability, health, prosperity or even all the above, got your total commitment but were unfortunately just castles in the air.

No matter how painful it all feels now, the truth is that it all was and is, very POSITIVE and necessary within the fabric of your own personal evolution and maturing. There were and are learnings to be made, patterns to be overcome and achievements to be accomplished now and in the near future. This means that a positive and optimistic outlook on past and present must be applied and acknowledged now in order to proceed forward as painlessly as possible.