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March's Tarot Reading: Soul Purpose, Self-Mastery & Iron Will! 🌈

The Empower Yourself Project - March 2018 Tarot Forecast Reading

The month of March brings some challenges that we need to see as necessary to our personal and spiritual development. Going to the distance will help you keep yourself grounded in what is important and able to see this moment from a whole new perspective. What we see now from within frustration, pain or difficulty will be something radically different when looked back from the future.

All that happens has it’s place and purpose when seen from your Soul’s perspective and what will happen now, and at any time in your life for that matter, will always be extremely important in the long run. And when I say “long run” I mean not only this lifetime but the several lifetimes you’ll live, your Soul Life. From this perspective, everything becomes somewhat bigger than the understanding we can humanly have of it. Nonetheless, making an effort to be patient with yourself, and accepting whatever human limitations you naturally have regarding this concept, observing whatever is going on now from your Soul’s perspective, rather than from your human self, will prove to be extremely useful.

The Soul is eternal and wise and it profoundly understands the reasons for everything you’ve ever gone through in your whole life. The Soul knows what you need and whatever is going on in your life now is what you need. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and connect to your Soul as it will offer the answers you need now and always. ✨

Going back to our March’s Tarot forecast, this time the cards refer the possibility for some troubles emerging in your life, that may come up as asset or property losses, marital related concerns or investment setbacks, ventures that have gone, or you are now realising the potential for going awry. Whatever the area of concern, it will for sure make you feel unsuccessful, disillusioned and even a bit disorientated and depressed. There are moments in our lives that make us feel like we are at our absolute limit and can no longer move forward, moments when we think everything is lost and all we can see is absolutely nothing ahead. This is however just an illusion.

The paradox between what we dream of, expect and, what many of us actively work towards to, and the actual results of it all can make for a gap that often feels like we were somehow beamed unwillingly to another hostile planet! What triggers this can just be a simple, unimportant thing, but it is nevertheless the culmination of several other small and big things that have accumulated throughout time. As the earth comes off under your feet, upset will make you feel drained and in low energy, mental cloudiness and confusion set in, making thinking things through difficult, answers difficult to reach and the path ahead hazy. But see this as just a brief moment of weakness and an excellent opportunity to restore, regroup and reorganise.

Challenges at this time come so that you can make better choices for yourself for the future. These are moments in which everything comes up so to make you stop and rethink yourself and your life from a whole new perspective. A fresh approach is now required and needed for everything that hasn’t been working out well, either for a short or a long period of time.

For this you need to regain equilibrium and mental clarity so that you re-connect to who you truly are and to what you truly want for yourself and life. You need to become the Hermit now, connected to your inner-wisdom, to your Soul, so to light the path ahead of yourself for yourself. This inner wisdom can and will illuminate every step you take in order to help you see things positively, optimistically and from a different perspective. Take the learning as it will help you endure just anything, no matter how big or difficult. 🧘‍♀️

Throughout this month you will also need to be really careful not to fall prey to self victimisation, something that can be really easy to do during trying times of disenchantment. Keep your head clear, take good care of yourself, exercise, eat healthy, drink water and have plenty of sleep as all this will help you go through tough moments with greater grace and poise.

Meditate about the meaning and purpose of any and all challenging events you previously went through in your life as this may help you gain a quicker and a better understanding of whatever is going on now. Go grab a notebook and pencil and jot down all your previous troublesome moments and what you feel now were their meaning and purpose in your life, what did you learn from them that became profoundly useful and meaningful?

The Empower Yourself Project - March 2018 Tarot Forecast Reading

Again do not neglect your Soul aspect, if you keep yourself grounded on material aspects, on socially indoctrinated beliefs and behaviours, or on negative approaches that are not you and lead you nowhere, then you’ll just be blowing everything out of proportion. And if this moment feels so desperate that you almost have a sense of being spiritually persecuted, know that this comes for a reason, use this moment and this feeling to mature, grow and evolve instead of falling into self-punishing thoughts and behaviours.

Remember that you can only positively face hardships with faith, by believing that everything is ok and everything will fall into it’s right place at it’s due time. That meaning and purpose will be revealed and illumination achieved at a later moment. Looking honestly back on your life will bring this faith into you. If you did not make the needed learnings previously, maybe now it’s the right time to acknowledge, accept and integrate them, with honesty and charm.

This is a moment of Divine Intervention, maybe not in the way that you’d have liked (and that I’d have liked!), all with with glitter and sparkles and sweetness and warmth, but it came in the only way that you could ever learn this lesson.

It’s important to keep yourself healthy and strong as these kind of moments sometimes take a toll on your physical, mental and/or emotional health. Again try to keep illness at bay through engaging in a healthy lifestyle. You can strengthen your immune system with exercise and fresh, wholesome foods, and by adding some extra portions of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, lemon, thyme, echinacea (specially if you are at a cold location now) and probiotics so to keep your body and mind healthy and happy. 🍍

The most important advice from the cards comes from The Emperor and it speaks about being able to follow and implement what is needed now, i.e. advices above, your Soul’s advices! You will obviously need to be in control of yourself so to master your emotions, so keep your mind clear and engage in whatever actions are ideal at this time. You’ll need to rule yourself like The Emperor rules his people, with an iron fist, balanced control and a strong willpower, as he knows that his doings can either lead the kingdom to abundance and happiness or to ruin and downfall.

In March you will need to bring out your masculine side and use it’s natural ability of pragmatism, order and rationality to your best interest. I can’t say this enough, routine and structure are profoundly helpful during troubling moments, so stick to a healing daily routine throughout the month and everything will become incredibly easier. Be assertive with yourself and discipline your mind, your body and emotions and all will turn out just great! Self-mastery and an iron will is in order this month, so keep them handy as well as a clear mind and a pure heart! ♥️

Remember that you can also use health strengthening and balancing therapies to help you throughout any challenging issues, like Intuitive Reiki Healing Sessions or other energy healing therapies. Life Guidance and Holistic Tarot Readings can also help you feel and see everything more clearly and understand yourself and the paths ahead with grater confidence as well as find the best thoughts, practices and actions to engage now so to have the very best outcomes in the future.

All in all everything is perfect and where it has to be. This is a as perfect moment as any other, your perception of it is what will make it endurable and even exciting and pleasing or impossible to take, and that’s your choice to make.

So make your bets, ladies! 🎲

What will it be?

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