March's Tarot Reading: Soul Purpose, Self-Mastery & Iron Will! 🌈

The Empower Yourself Project - March 2018 Tarot Forecast Reading

The month of March brings some challenges that we need to see as necessary to our personal and spiritual development. Going to the distance will help you keep yourself grounded in what is important and able to see this moment from a whole new perspective. What we see now from within frustration, pain or difficulty will be something radically different when looked back from the future.

All that happens has it’s place and purpose when seen from your Soul’s perspective and what will happen now, and at any time in your life for that matter, will always be extremely important in the long run. And when I say “long run” I mean not only this lifetime but the several lifetimes you’ll live, your Soul Life. From this perspective, everything becomes somewhat bigger than the understanding we can humanly have of it. Nonetheless, making an effort to be patient with yourself, and accepting whatever human limitations you naturally have regarding this concept, observing whatever is going on now from your Soul’s perspective, rather than from your human self, will prove to be extremely useful.

The Soul is eternal and wise and it profoundly understands the reasons for everything you’ve ever gone through in your whole life. The Soul knows what you need and whatever is going on in your life now is what you need. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and connect to your Soul as it will offer the answers you need now and always. ✨

Going back to our March’s Tarot forecast, this time the cards refer the possibility for some troubles emerging in your life, that may come up as asset or property losses, marital related concerns or investment setbacks, ventures that have gone, or you are now realising the potential for going awry. Whatever the area of concern, it will for sure make you feel unsuccessful, disillusioned and even a bit disorientated and depressed. There are moments in our lives that make us feel like we are at our absolute limit and can no longer move forward, moments when we think everything is lost and all we can see is absolutely nothing ahead. This is however just an illusion.

The paradox between what we dream of, expect and, what many of us actively work tow