BEING YOU: A journey into Authenticity

The Empower Yourself Project - How-to reconnect to yourself

My life's experiences have proven me that authenticity is the most fundamental foundation to happiness. Lot's of us already had, or still have, this dilemma in life: Do I express myself as I am or do I express what the others want me to be? This is a question that undoubtedly reveals you are headed to disaster. Why? Well, if you cannot express yourself as you are, do you really think you'll be able to lead a peaceful happy life? My personal inner answer to this question is a big NO. So what is yours?...

There are several different reasons for someone to renounce authenticity. Conditionings, inefficient beliefs and ciclic patterns exist to maintain you hooked to your fears. We grow within a society that, to some extent, both consciously and unconsciously preserves and exhorts traditional, religious and cultural fabrications and fallacies. Our conditioning starts with our parents, that are very much unaware of the result of their actions, teachers, neighbors and friends. Then we grow up and our conditioning goes on through our partners, bosses, colleagues, gurus and leaders. Advertising, commercial movies, trashy TV programs and other delusions also join this explosive cocktail and serve the purpose of maintaining our minds occupied, controlled and quiet. We forget who we are and the system rejoices.

This world is in need of a major change. And so do we.

We are destroying this beautiful planet we live in with total disregard even for our own most basic needs. We cannot survive without oxygen, yet we are destroying all the planet's lungs. We cannot survive without the ozone layer yet we are destroying it daily. We should be maintaining balance in the ecosystem so all beings, including us, may survive and prosper, yet we do all the opposite. The Human species, in general, tends to forget that we exist only because this planet exists. And whenever we damage it, we are damaging ourselves.

Our species has an unbearable arrogance. The existing mass concept that we, because of our rationality are superior to all other beings, that we can control everything and get away with it. This is both unintelligent and calamitous. We even think we can do better than Mother Nature, isn't that funny? We are plagued, all around the globe, with extreme greed, violence, modern slavery, loss of human and humanitarian values, and the search for the maximum profit out of everything. This is, undoubtedly leading us all to trouble. What we are seeing and living, all around the globe today, is disturbing. It's sad to realize that we, as species, haven't changed much along the centuries and that rationality hasn't helped us to become a more "enlightened" species.

But how have we come to this?...

I believe man was always violent and greedy for power. It's not difficult to realize this, it's an historical fact. Even those so called more evolved civilizations have proven to be violent, controlling and greedy. But does this mean that we are ALL like this? I believe not. Within those civilizations there where not only imposing characters but also t