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Intuitive Reiki Level 1 Course - September

This 1st Degree Reiki Certified Course is the very beginning of the Reiki Journey. This first step into learning Reiki is focused on self-healing as you'll learn how to truly take your healing into your own hands.

Reiki is a wonderful healing practice that can heal the body, mind, heart, and spirit and assist you in a number of different ways! You'll also learn how to give healing sessions to your family - adults, babies, and children - and also to your pets, gardens, and food.

In this introductory course, you'll learn about all important aspects of Reiki that will assist you to begin your Reiki journey in a safe, very well informed, beautiful and fulfilling way.

You will become a channel for Reiki Energy by receiving an Attunement to Reiki Healing Energy and you’ll also receive personal healing suggestions to help you achieve the healing and breakthroughs you need.

You'll learn different ways to apply Reiki to your daily life and other tools that will help you improve your life incredibly and you’ll also experience a 21 Day cleanse and healing process.

This course contains all the basics of a Traditional Usui Reiki Training but has also a strong focus on self-healing and how-to develop your intuition through Reiki.

After the course, you'll do the traditional Reiki 21-day self-practice and during this time I'll offer you ongoing support so that you can adapt the practice to your personal needs and clear any doubts that may emerge from it.

A follow-up group class will be done 1 month after the end of the course.

You will learn and experience:

- A Reiki Level 1 Attunement (Initiation ceremony) + Healing

- The History of Reiki

- What is Energy and how energy manifests in the physical world

- What Reiki is and How it works

- How to enhance your Energy

- The 5 Reiki Principles

- The 7 chakras and it's correlations to emotions and physical parts of the body

- Energetic protection

- What to and how can you apply Reiki Healing Energy

- The Ethics of Reiki

- How to prepare a space for a Reiki Treatment

- How to, when and where to perform Self-Treatments

- How to treat others

- How to do an Aura cleansing

- Energy exercises

- The 21 Day Self-Healing process

- Reiki practice daily plan with techniques to help you ground, be centered and heal

You will receive:

- 1 Reiki Level 1 Manual

- 1 Reiki Level 1 Certificate

- 4 online live classes (2:30h)

- 1 Follow-up online live group class (for questions, doubts, review all necessary) 1 month after the end of the course

- Continued support from your Reiki Master/Teacher


All 4 Sundays of September +

Lisbon/London - 3pm

Toronto/New York - 10am

Costa Rica - 8 am

California - 7am


Small group course (Max 6 - Min 3) - USD195 / EUR165

A small group course allows for a very personalized type of learning and one that gives time and space for the Teacher to clear all doubts of all students thoroughly and to help them through their personal healing needs.

For more information and bookings email to:

If you want to meet me so as to know if we are a good fit, please send me an email to make an appointment. Thank you! Have a beautiful day!


"To participate in the Reiki level I course was a wonderful experience, Patricia is an excellent person, easy to talk to, available to answer all questions and willing to teach from the heart. Super recommended course if you are searching for answers, healing, and personal time to reconnect." Laura Méndez, Costa Rica

"I did the Reiki Level 1 course with Patricia in her studio. She is an excellent teacher who knew how to initiate me, on what is a new world for me, from light and spirituality. Meeting Patricia marks a before and after in my life. Thank you for this beautiful space!!"

Violeta Blengio, Argentina

"Powerful!!! It was such a blessing to take the reiki 1&2 refresher with Patricia. She gave me such great direction and insight into things that I was unsure of and were limiting my confidence in my reiki practice. She is very welcoming and gentle. I could feel a very powerful healing energy from Patricia. I also purchased some of her oil blends and use it in my personal practice. I've found it to be extremely POWERFUL!" Thank you so much, Patricia!"

Jana Whitehead, Canada

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