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How-to Develop your Intuition ✨

This blog post comes as a follow-up from December 2017 monthly card Reading as it grew too big and adding this practice would make it enormous! This also comes as a kind of a Christmas gift, because it's such a relevant and important practice in this last month of 2017. Another reason we should all be practicing our connection to higher consciousness is because this skill will have a high relevance in all our lives in 2018 too.

Being able to effectively access your intuition is closely related and connected to trusting and acting on it. If you are able to access your intuition but unable to trust and act on it then it is as not having any intuition. To begin trusting your intuition you just need to act on your intuitive knowing! This means that it's not only about accessing the information but also trusting that the information is 100% accurate. This means you have to trust the messages being sent to you by doing what your are guided towards doing and not falling into the trap of doubt and fear of being wrong.

When your intuition speaks, it is very noticeable, it has nothing to do with your desires or rational mind, as it expresses true sensations and emotions that arise spontaneously and often very strongly. And you, like everybody else, are able to discern which are good, warm sensations or feelings from nasty, yucky sensations and feelings. Your body is a wonderful and clear campus that is the whole time trying to feed you important information but often we do not listen because we do not trust our gut feelings.

You, also like everybody else, have already went through situations that triggered some bad gut feeling but because of doubt/fear you may have dismissed it only to realise at a later date that your gut feeling was absolutely 100% correct! Click here for a exercise on how to start trusting your intuition.

Simple Practice for Developing Your Intuition ❤️

  1. Breath deeply, but without forcing your breath, for a couple of minutes;

  2. Quieten your mind through meditation for 5/10 minutes (check these Relaxing Meditations or these Chakra Balance Meditations, that go along perfectly with our Artisanal Healing Oil Blends - ready & custom made - for perfect healing and calm);

  3. Ask for the guidance you need (example: “Should I go on holidays to Costa Rica or to Panama?”

  4. Repeat “Costa Rica” and as you say/think about it, feel your body. How does it feel when you say/think about this place?;

  5. Repeat “Panama” as well as the the process from step 4;

  6. Which place feels better? Are there any unpleasant sensations or emotions when you repeat one of them? Which place is your intuition leading you to?

  7. When you recognize the place you should go on Holidays, let's say, Costa Rica, proceed to planning and effectively booking your holidays! ;)

  8. Enjoy a great vacation in Costa Rica and return home relaxed, revived and renewed! :)

You can also do the above when choosing a different and atypical Christmas gift for your loved ones, thinking about each of them and feeling them in another way. What would be the best gift for that person? How is that person deeply? What would they really like? This will help you to stay away from uninspired gifts and offer gifts that will be appreciated deeply.

You can also chose to make any of your live's least serious decisions through this process and see what happens. Should I go to this restaurant or that one (that I've never been before)? Should I buy this brand or the other? Practice with whatever comes to your mind! As you get more confident in your decisions, move to more serious decisions!

Whenever a decision doesn't turn out as the best option, try to understand if the information really came from your intuition or from a believe you hold, from a desire or any other part of you that is not and does not represent Intuition. The key is, practice, practice, practice like with all other things in life.

Happy practice, and Happy Holidays! 🎅

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