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Dec 2017 Reading - Be Merry & Heal!

For this next month of December I decided to do a reading about the energies surrounding some of our most important life aspects: Inner-self, love relationships, family relationships and work life. What awaits us this next month is both exciting and interesting as it envelop us in both lively and healing energy.

Regarding our inner-life, the cards advise us clearly to connect to our deeper sense of knowing. This is what is commonly called intuition. Intuition is something all of us have, some people feel it more clearly and intensely than others, but with practice anyone can become more intuitive and able to access this inner-knowing. No matter if you are just beginning to connect to your intuition or you are just in need to improve and strengthen your intuition skills further, if you feel it clearly or if this is something extremely difficult for you to access to, this will be great time to practice, practice and practice again your connection to your deeper knowing of all things.

In December you should devote yourself to practices of silence and quietness, like Meditation, Qi Gong or plain Contemplation in order to be able to stop all inner-chatter and start listening to what is really important. There is an ongoing conversation between our soul and all other energies, a constant exchange of information that can help us greatly in making the best decisions for ourselves, showing us the best paths to walk on, and the best relationships to spend our energy on. But remember that you need to stop all other distractions in your mind so to be able to allow this soul-voice to express itself.

But December not only asks that you stop everything so to listen to this soul-voice but also that you engage in practices that will help you to trust your intuition (step-by-step practice to develop your intuition at the bottom!✨). Know that the messages that come across your intuition often cannot be retrieved in any other way, so this is a skill that can avoid you many unpleasant experiences throughout your life and lead you towards the most fulfilling ones!

Romantic Love... Something we all want and need to flow happily in our lives! So, how is your (current or desired) relationship flowing at this time? Does it flow easily? Like there's nothing to do because there's an unending loving movement, naturally and effortlessly bringing you both to many paradise islands that you share entirely. Or is your relationship stuck somewhere, seemingly not going anywhere, and maybe not in a good place, like a sailing boat undesirably confined by a windless day?

The cards ask you to feel this flow (or lack of it!) in your love relationship. Be mindful of all stuck energies and flowing ones. Is any kind of flow materializing from your current or potential love relationship? Or none at all? Are you preventing this flow? Or is your partner? Both? Be aware of all patterns emerging or that have emerged from this relationship and how they flow and interlace. Do they fit together and somehow flow? Or is there an impossible flow?

The cards speak about flow so this is an extremely important aspect of next month's overall energies. Feel your relationship, understand it and let it flow freely! If it's flowing, great! If it's not, then think about a thousand ways to return it to a flowing state. Allowing a free flow demands a surrendering to what is and an understanding of, if two different and even seemingly opposite energies, temperaments, needs and desires can fit and flow together, or not. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don't. Surrender to this knowing. And if no flow is remotely possible in your romantic relationship, then maybe it's time to find flow somewhere else...

What about family? There's a saying by Ram Dass, an american spiritual teacher, that says “If you think you're enlightened, go spend a week with your family”. I love this saying, not only because it really brings people down to earth, but it also brings attention to one of the most important facts in life: It's not easy to deal with our family! Some families are more harmonious than others, and relationships seem to be more loving creating a natural togetherness between family members. It is also true that some families are just harmonious on the surface and things not being said and done brew an internal upset that is never spoken out loud. Then you have the more dysfunctional families, that may range from a mild to very serious dysfunction.

December is a month for family and love, a month dedicated to the immense importance that these two aspects have in our lives. And then we have family festivities which puts us together, at the same table, and right at the heart of the issue. No matter if our families are present or not for these festivities, they'll for sure be in our minds and this presence will lead us to be confronted with what cause us the most challenges and pain.

As we all know family is a great challenge in our lives because they are the ones closest to us and with whom we need to compromise and cope daily. As I referred before this may have different degrees of challenge and pain for different people, some will have it worst than others, some will even have it to an unacceptable degree of suffering.

Whatever the degree of difficulty your family presents to you, whether it's almost inexistent or unacceptable at all, December energies come soaked in a powerful energy of Regeneration that will help us let go of the past pain, make our understandings and learnings, and move forward. The cards want us to understand that regeneration and healing, within our family, is possible now. A new door can be opened, leading us to more harmonious, compassionate and kind familial relationships. This is an opportunity for a rebirth, a start all over again, a possibility to create a more intimate, honest and truthful relationship.

Regeneration will be achieved with a forgiveness and a letting go of old or recent wounds. New opportunities will arise that require this release. This means that, even if the dispute is too serious and unforgivable in nature, you need to make peace with what happened, forgive, make any needed learnings and let go of it. This doesn't mean that you need to force yourself into being in that person(s) presence. It simply means you have to let go so to allow yourself to move forward in all aspects of your life, living a life rooted in your soul values, leaving behind whatever doesn't resonate with you, on a soul level and creating a life you feel worth living.

This is the most prevalent and intense energy during this month and an incredible opportunity to let go of old pain and make new understandings about what family is and what it represents in your life. Family doesn't have to be our biological one, family are the ones that love and cherish us, so if your relationship with your family is beyond repair, you have an opportunity now to create the family you have always dreamt of. Think Regeneration, metamorphosis, transformation. Be the caterpillar that turns into a butterfly!

So what about work, the “place” most of us spend the most time in! Whether you are a busy career person, a stay at home mum or dad or a housewife, all these represent work, hard work! December comes with this energy of “get moving”, the “clock is ticking” type of energy. Things may move fast and furious during this month, maybe you need to let everything ready to go on Christmas holidays or to prepare and host Christmas festivities! Whatever you have in front of you, work wise, will require you to move fast and be dynamic.

The message that comes along with this card is also one of surrendering in the sense that in our human existence time is limited and impossible to stretch in any way! This means that whatever you have to do or work on this month, you should only do whatever is possible, not pushing yourself to and beyond the limit by trying to do the impossible. In December you need to be more organised than at other times, understand your priorities and make the decision to let go of any unnecessary tasks that can be done at a later period.

The idea is to ENJOY this moment and absorb what is truly important now: family, friends, good feelings, joy! If you allow yourself to get stressed and anxious with too many little nothings, then you won't be able to savor what really matters. This can be a time for a brisk dynamic energy (positive, lively and refreshing) or for a nervous one (stressful, anxious, confusing), so choose carefully. Breath, relax, analyse and plan your work life wisely.

As you can see, throughout the month of December we will be experimenting energies of surrender, regeneration, re-connection to our higher-selves and energetic briskness. This is all not only exciting but interesting, as we can not only enjoy a truly pleasant and joyful time but at the same time we can also heal aspects deeply in need to be healed and let go. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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