How-to trust your intuition

Are you having problems trusting your intuition? Does everybody around you dismisses its power and efficacy including yourself making you even more distrustful of your own gut feelings? Then its time to really understand all the benefits of trusting your intuition and how to begin trusting it 100%!

Intuition is not some mumbo jumbo thing, it's something we all have, even the ones that don't believe in it.

Intuition exists so to provide us with important information that we could not access in any other way.

You are walking on the street and suddenly you have a strange sensation, you feel there's someone behind you that represents some kind of danger. You don't know exactly what it is but you feel something is wrong so you decide to suddenly turn around and walk the opposite direction. Surely there's a strange person that give you the creeps so you rapidly move to a place where there's more people. This decision, purely based on your intuition may have avoided you a very bad situation.

You need to make a decision about where to go on holidays, you are thinking about two different countries and as you start researching those places you suddenly have a really bad feeling about one of them, you don't know why and it makes no rational sense so you end up deciding to go there. When you arrive there and as you are calmly strolling on the beach, someone comes from no where, hits you hard and steals everything you have with you. You lose your documents, your money, maybe some clothes and jewellery and end up having a nightmarish holiday.

These are two simple examples of what can happen when you realise some intuition and what can happen when you dismiss or follow those intuitive hits. Intuition can lead you to the best paths and avoid many unnecessarily harmful or unpleasant situations, pain and suffering.