Psychosomatic Disorders: Understanding & Healing Your Pain

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Have you ever thought about where you pain or illness comes from? Are you aware of it's intimate connections to your emotions? In this article you'll learn the basics about psychosomatic pain and ways to solve it!

Here I am, writing as I lye on my bed, agonising with back pain! A few days ago, I was sunbathing on the beach and bum! Attacked by an acute sacroiliac join pain coming from... nowhere?... It came like an explosion, unexpected and surely unwanted. The next day I couldn't even walk. The pain was so intense that big tears rolled down my face every time I had to move. I was crying and laughing at the same time, for the situation was as painful as it was comical! And terrifying too. For a few hours I lost my ability to walk and take care of myself on my own. I felt like I had lost my freedom and independence. It was really frightful.

But as I was lying on my bed, I knew inside what was really going on: The past week I had been on an emotional turmoil. I had a decision to make. I was avoiding, not only making it, but acknowledging the real causes of my problem...

Without realising it immediately, I was acting like a dog trying to catch it's own tale, draining myself completely and making resolution impossible to happen. I was running away from a final decision based on my own responsibility on the issue, desires and pragmatic facts. I was not being true to myself and I was letting some people affect me in a very negative way. Because I am an highly sensitive person sometimes it gets really difficult to separate my emotions from the emotions of others. I then get confused, decision making becomes seemingly an almost impossible task and inner-peace is difficult to keep. I was feeling forced to do something I really did not want to do. So my body gave in, like it always do, whenever I try to ignore my inner-knowing for longer than I should.

When the pain started I knew immediately that my inner “built-in Red Alert gadget” (you have it in you too) was madly ringing out loud. This was a wake-up call. Deal with it or suffer, it said. So, confronted by the idea of prolonged pain, I choose to deal with it.

Along my life I realised that whenever I'm in this kind of pain, there's always something going on inside of me that I have to process and address:

  1. If I have an easy decision to make, maybe I get a sudden pain that also goes away suddenly the moment I reach the decision.

  2. Whenever I have a more difficult issue to deal with and the process takes longer to resolve, I then suffer from a more intense and long-lasting physical pain.

  3. If the issue takes months or even years to resolve, I have also been lead to more serious illness in the past.