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Tripadvisor Reviews: A great way to get to know what we do! :)

The Empower Yourself Project - Tripadvisor Reviews

"Life Changing Experience!!"

"I took yoga classes and worked with Patricia in holistic guidance for six months from January to June 2015. She helped me cultivate new habits and a deeper meditation practice. Patricia is a wonderful teacher and working with her was invaluable, her guidance and love brought me to a greater sense of self. I have more tools that can help me to navigate whatever life brings. I am grateful for her work in the world and I recommend her yoga classes and holistic guidance for anyone who wants to strengthen their connection to self"

In Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor can be very a very ungrateful tool for business owners but it can also be a great way to spread the word about what you are REALLY doing! Up to now we just have to be very much grateful for all our wonderful reviews there!

We have reviewers from all over the the world because we are at a very touristic destination so we get to meet people from all sorts of places. That is wonderful because we get to meet many amazing people!

Altough I've been teaching for many years, I've been open for only about 9 months at our present location. Altough our opening was recent we already have many great reviews that warm our Hearts and Souls! Above, I leave you one of our latest reviews on tripadvisor, from a student and client that worked with me for 6 months, with Holistic Guidance and Yoga. And who better than someone that experiments what we do to speak about it! :)

I'd also like to give many thanks to all my dear students and clients that took from their precious time to write us a GREAT review! THANK YOU! You are AWESOME! :)

With LOVE,


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