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Reiki - "Magic" healing touch! :)

The Empower Yourself Project - Reiki Training

Reiki practitioners and receivers alike agree on all the wonderful impacts of Reiki. Even most skeptic people cannot but feel amazed by all the incredible sensations experienced during a first Reiki session and leave the session not only happy but with a new natural and powerful healing tool that offers great benefits with zero negative side effects.

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine that’s been around for centuries and that was “rediscovered” and systematised by Zen Bhuddist Japanese doctor, Dr. Mikao Usui in the late 1800’s. Reiki is a “hands-on-healing” practice and offers many different benefits. Reiki assumes that all living things are infused with energy, that all that surrounds us is energy and that universal energy can be used to trigger the body self-healing ability.

Through this technique, the Therapist transfers universal energy - Life Force - through the palms and into the patient. This allows for self-healing to occur, creating a state of balance and harmony to body, mind, emotions and soul.

In several parts of the western world Reiki is used not only within alternative medicine settings but it is also used in Hospitals and as a therapeutical complement to allophatic medicine. Many doctors and nurses are already prescribing or giving Reiki to their patients due to its wonderful benefits. Fortunately to us all, Reiki has been receiving more and more acceptation over the years by mainstream medicine which makes possible that people not familiar with alternative complimentary medicines may discover and benefit of Reiki.


In my practice, I have had many clients come to Reiki sessions for many very different reasons, like, for example:

  • Chronic and temporary physical pain;

  • Overwhelming emotional issues and traumas;

  • Stress, anxiety and depression;

  • Illnesses;

  • Need to gain greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self-awareness;

  • Need for greater Spiritual connection;

  • Curiosity;

  • Etc.

The process of a Reiki session is extremely simple and natural. It is done with the client fully clothed and lying down or sitting, depending on the type of session. I normally start the session with a brief conversation about the clients motives to come to Reiki and explain what the client can expect during the session. After this initial assessment and depending on my client needs I may use different tools on the beginning of the session so that the client can almost immediately relax. After these exercises I’ll start to Reiki the client. I’ll place my hands above certain areas of the client’s body and depending on the issues I encounter along the way and the clients complaints, I’ll stay for longer on certain areas than on others. By the end of session we talk again about the clients experiences during the session and also about what I have encountered that needs to be readily addressed so that health and wellbeing may be maintained on a regular basis.

Every new session is different from the previous one and a client can experience very different sessions. Everyone will benefit immensely from receiving regular Reiki sessions. Depending on the health issue of the client a treatment plan can be advised being that people dealing with chronic pain or illnesses and emotionally troubling periods would greatly benefit from a longer and regular Reiki treatment.

Clients ALWAYS leave a Reiki session with something of great value. Sometimes new and different effects are acknowledged only after the session. I have had people calling me hours or days later to tell me that they were seeing better and more intense colours, that their chronic pain was gone, that they felt a mental clarity they haven’t felt for a long time, that they felt such an incredible burst of energy they felt capable of doing anything they wished and so many other things. Clients always recognise experiences felt during the session and some of the most immediately visible effects, right after the end of the session. In my practice, 99% of times people leave happy with their Reiki experience.

I LOVE Reiki so I use it EVERYDAY on myself! Reiki is one of my most loved and preferred natural healing tools for it’s quick effectiveness and lasting effect when done regularly. I advise everyone that haven’t tried Reiki before to give it a go and enjoy it’s wonderful healing properties! :)

The Empower Yourself Project - Intuitive Reiki


Everyone can receive Reiki because it is safe and harmless! Adults, babies, toddlers, pets, plants and trees, all can receive and enjoy the benefits of Reiki!


Reiki has shown to help with many aliments and illnesses:

  • Relax and calms body, mind, emotional system and soul;

  • Relieves physical pain;

  • Prevents the progress of disease;

  • Helps terminally ill patients to have a better quality of life and deal with death. It also helps in the grieving process;

  • Increases mobility, relieves arthritis and sciatica;

  • Helps infections and inflammations to heal quicker;

  • Relieve pain from migraine and headaches;

  • Helps with symptoms of asthma, chronic fatigue, menopausal symptoms, and insomnia;

  • Speeds up recovery from surgery or long-term illness;

  • Helps in adjusting to medicine/treatment, it also tends to reduce side-effects (ex: chemotherapy, pharmaceutical medicines);

  • Accelerates natural healing;

  • Energises and detoxifies the body;

  • Helps to bring mental clarity and peace;

  • Dissolves energy blockages and promotes a healthy energy flow;

  • Unblocks and releases emotional trauma stored in the body;

  • Helps change negative conditioning & behaviour;

  • And so much more!


I have a tendency to attract sceptic people not only to Reiki but to everything I do. This is something I deeply enjoy because almost always people feel things during the Reiki session that are impossible to not acknowledge. You cannot refuse the sensations you have during a session, you just have them and many times people feel amazed with all the different sensations, feelings and thoughts that come with the hands-on-healing and it’s incredible intensity.

This not only demonstrates that there’s a true and palpable effect to Reiki but also opens a new amazing door to people that do not believe in alternative medicines. Again 99% of sceptic clients I have had, left the session amazed by Reiki, taking with them a new natural and harmless tool they can use to make their lives easier, healthier and more pleasurable.

Reiki is only about feeling whatever arises during the session. Even if you are extremely sceptic you will for sure feel things if you are open to feel anything. Reiki is like swimming in the sea, everyone has sensations when swimming in the sea! Reiki is as simple as this! Nothing shady, nothing weird!


Altough Reiki is a very spiritual practice in theory, it has no spiritual or religious affiliation. It is spiritual in nature because it connects ourselves to our deepest self and our inner-most beliefs and the truth of life.

Most important to know that Reiki do not require any specific spiritual, or otherwise, beliefs to deliver results, Reiki is as natural, simple and organic as nature itself. Reiki only requires your natural presence and openness to whatever sensations you have during the session. Nothing more!


Reiki is a wonderful holistic alternative medicine practice that can help you out with any troubling physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issue that you may encounter during your life. It’s a totally safe and harmless practice that offers only benefits to your health and wellbeing with zero side effects! Because it has no religious or spiritual connections all people from any religious or spiritual practice can enjoy it and receive its benefits. Reiki is simple and effective. Reiki is a magic healing touch we can ALL benefit of! :)

So why not book a wonderful Reiki session today and discover al Reiki can do for you? :)

If you have doubts about Reiki, feel free to comment on facebook or send me an email and I’ll be most pleased to answer!

Wishing you an amazing 2106! :)


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