Reiki - "Magic" healing touch! :)

The Empower Yourself Project - Reiki Training

Reiki practitioners and receivers alike agree on all the wonderful impacts of Reiki. Even most skeptic people cannot but feel amazed by all the incredible sensations experienced during a first Reiki session and leave the session not only happy but with a new natural and powerful healing tool that offers great benefits with zero negative side effects.

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine that’s been around for centuries and that was “rediscovered” and systematised by Zen Bhuddist Japanese doctor, Dr. Mikao Usui in the late 1800’s. Reiki is a “hands-on-healing” practice and offers many different benefits. Reiki assumes that all living things are infused with energy, that all that surrounds us is energy and that universal energy can be used to trigger the body self-healing ability.

Through this technique, the Therapist transfers universal energy - Life Force - through the palms and into the patient. This allows for self-healing to occur, creating a state of balance and harmony to body, mind, emotions and soul.

In several parts of the western world Reiki is used not only within alternative medicine settings but it is also used in Hospitals and as a therapeutical complement to allophatic medicine. Many doctors and nurses are already prescribing or giving Reiki to their patients due to its wonderful benefits. Fortunately to us all, Reiki has been receiving more and more acceptation over the years by mainstream medicine which makes possible that people not familiar with alternative complimentary medicines may discover and benefit of Reiki.


In my practice, I have had many clients come to Reiki sessions for many very different reasons, like, for example:

  • Chronic and temporary physical pain;

  • Overwhelming emotional issues and traumas;

  • Stress, anxiety and depression;

  • Illnesses;