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Welcome to The Empower Yourself Project Blog

The Empower Yourself Project - Patricia Vieira

In this blog I will post about matters akin to holistic, mundane and spiritual life, as we are all living both experiences and trying to figure them out. Healthy lifestyle tips, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Healing issues, foundations and tools, reflexions and suggestions, will be addressed, in some depth.

I will post, probably not in a consistent manner as I have my students, clients and study to develop my abilities as a priority. I will write or post videos about my own experiences throughout life, my investigations, practices, findings and conclusions, my personal and professional opinions and life options.

You are most welcome to share your personal opinions and suggestions for we all benefit from shared experiences. You may also want to suggest me to write an article about some particular issue that worries you particularly. If you do want me to write about your concern Click here! :)

Whenever you decide to leave a comment, please do so by respecting yourself and others, being as compassionate about others as you'd like them to be with you. Debate is also most welcome, for through it we can get into an higher understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Hope to share ideas with you soon!

Love & Light,



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