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Daily exercise to let go of fear

The Empower Yourself Project - Daily Affirmation Meditation

For one reason or the other we all at times are confronted with fear. There are all kinds of fears and people that suffer from it more or less, but we all have already felt it sometime. This simple meditation exercise can help you built more inner-strength as you progressively let go of fear. It will help you to accept whatever comes with a more serene mind and that will in turn help you acknowledge you can tackle anything that comes into your life.

Do this practice everyday, at the time that best suits your schedule. If you enjoy it, do it more than once a day. Do it when you are in the bus, waiting for someone or something, when you are cleaning your home, when you go for your walk to the park, sit, lye down or choose to do it in any kind of occasion that feels more natural and easier for you.

Do it for a while. If it's difficult at first, start with one minute sessions and do it several times a day. If it feels easy do it for as long as possible. If you like to write, write it and repeat it loudly or mentally.

Just do it everyday and overtime you'll feel the changes emerging. :)

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