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Reading September 2017: Pragmatism, Routine & Energy Flow!

The Empower Yourself Project: Tarot Reading September 2017

The cards greatest gift it's to offer a glimpse into whats coming in the future and guidance as to what we must do Now so to be able to reach what we truly desire for our future. This means that a reading serves the purpose of acquiring knowledge that we wouldn't have otherwise but more importantly it also gives us an opportunity to adjust what we are doing now,our words, thoughts and actions, to fit a future that'll be truly positive, harmonious and full of growth.

The cards always hold a very positive reading even when what's coming doesn't feel that good. With the cards, you know what is coming your way so you can prevent anything “negative” from materializing and you can do this simply by changing whatever must be changed in the present. It's important to understand that everything has a solution. And even when you cannot control or change a certain situation, you can always control and change what's going on inside of you. That's the purpose of an holistic reading: self and life understanding to be able to self-heal and grow.

So let's see what September has in store for us!

As I look at the cards, I feel an overall feeling of purposelessness for the month of September. You'll either feel you've been rowing against the tide or that what you've been doing is having no real effect or that you've been too distracted with things that do not truly serve you. Maybe you've been partying a little too much, or engulfed by social networking or work, vacation or any other distractions. Maybe you engaged in these activities because you don't want to think and feel about what lyes ahead, you don't know what to do or where you are heading to.

The cards show restlessness, distress, confusion, even depression and the inability to discern a clear path before you. You know that the path you're in now is not where you want to be but you cannot see a path that really feels fulfilling and yours. Next month there's also a certain paralysis to your attitude, that arises from all these strong emotions and feelings, as well as an enormous tiredness and lack of strength. You can't see the path before you so you don't know where to head to. Not being able to know what our path is leads to an incredible amount of indecision, vulnerability, pain and staleness and that's how you may feel during September.

All you know is that your inner-strength is gone and you don't have in you the desire to fight back a situation that feels unending and desperate. You feel disconnected from yourself and therefore unable to find a direction that feels right. Because of all the insecurity and lack of self-confidence attached to this, there's also some fear about not being able to change and bring yourself and life towards a happy place.

The good news is that when we feel down, confused and without direction we can make the choice to change how we feel and what we do so to find direction. A painful moment is always, in fact, an opportunity for change and happiness to arise.

We have this tendency to pressure ourselves to madness, telling ourselves we have to find THE path, the one that serves our purpose in life. But the truth is that your are already walking your path of purpose as it is composed of several different paths all converging into a "main" path, like different rivers all converging into one only sea.

Whatever you are living now or lived in the past is part of your main path, so everything we live during our lifetime has a great purpose by itself as it carries us towards where we need to be at each moment.

Going back to the cards, the advices are clear. You have to get yourself together and the decision to do this is only yours. What will happen in future months will be simply an impact of the choice you make now. What is needed now is to go inside of yourself and recognize that you have the needed strength to make any decisions and choices you like, that now it's time for action, to let go of passivity and get the energy moving again within yoursefl and your life.

Often a small thing can create a huge wave of change. But to create the change you need you must do something, it doesn't have to be a big thing, it can be something simple and effortless.

The Empower Yourself Project: Tarot Reading September 2017

So what do you practically need to DO to channel your energy towards a good direction? I've put together a few simple advices to make all those energies flow better!

  • You have to calm and relax yourself. Sometimes it takes some time to find a really soul filling direction. Relax, breathe and cultivate patience as patience is paramount in life. Do not pressure yourself so much! You can read this article about cultivating patience and you can also read this article that gives some advices about how-to alleviate depression and anxiety.

  • Create a healthy healing daily routine and stick to it everyday. Chose an activity that you feel is relaxing and healing. That can be exercising, walking in nature, praying, meditating, working with affirmations or doing breathing exercises. Whatever you chose do it daily! Remember, pain and trauma are greatly helped by routine activities and you need to do something to help yourself! Here you can discover some simple Meditations for Relaxation that you can do everyday.

  • Use your mind to your advantage! Think rationally, meditate on your self and your life from a rational, pragmatic perspective. You don't need the added trouble of plaguing thoughts that are not factual and true. Use your intellect to your favor! Being analytical and logical can help you greatly. You need a strategy for your future so controlling thoughts and emotions is paramount to being able to find calm, direction and staying grounded and feeling well.

  • Practice all the above, daily! And then just relax and wait for the energies to change, as they for sure will. Soothe yourself, thoughts and emotions, go into a routine of a healing practice and self-work, be patient and just wait.

If you do this a clear direction will emerge, you'll find clarity, purpose and a path that feels right for you, even if it's not your "main" or "final" path. When I decided to become a yoga teacher I knew that was not it, there was something missing, but I also didn't know what that was so becoming a Yoga Teacher felt like taking a step in the right direction. Today, 11 years passed I can tell you it was the perfect decision as it allowed me the time to take the needed steps to get into the path that really feels whole. We all have to start somewhere, take a leap of faith and allow life to lead us where we need to be.

After all what the cards say this month is that you are on the path of the Explorer of Self. Self-discovery and self-awareness is what you need to do now.

The adventure of the Explorer of Self can be very painful at times but nonetheless is one that keeps us grounded in who we truly are, triggering us into living a life that is truly compatible with our soul. And from that alignment is where happiness, contentment and joy arise from.

So this is what next month holds for us! Relax, be pragmatic, take care of yourself and get that energy flowing! :)

If you are going through a complicated moment and need a more personalized and detailed picture of where your life is flowing towards to, send me an email and we'll book a session for you that will uncover everything you need to know and do now!

You can also discover more about Tarot for Self-Awareness Readings, Holistic Tarot Readings and Holistic Life Guidance Sessions by clicking the links.



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