Reading September 2017: Pragmatism, Routine & Energy Flow!

The Empower Yourself Project: Tarot Reading September 2017

The cards greatest gift it's to offer a glimpse into whats coming in the future and guidance as to what we must do Now so to be able to reach what we truly desire for our future. This means that a reading serves the purpose of acquiring knowledge that we wouldn't have otherwise but more importantly it also gives us an opportunity to adjust what we are doing now,our words, thoughts and actions, to fit a future that'll be truly positive, harmonious and full of growth.

The cards always hold a very positive reading even when what's coming doesn't feel that good. With the cards, you know what is coming your way so you can prevent anything “negative” from materializing and you can do this simply by changing whatever must be changed in the present. It's important to understand that everything has a solution. And even when you cannot control or change a certain situation, you can always control and change what's going on inside of you. That's the purpose of an holistic reading: self and life understanding to be able to self-heal and grow.

So let's see what September has in store for us!

As I look at the cards, I feel an overall feeling of purposelessness for the month of September. You'll either feel you've been rowing against the tide or that what you've been doing is having no real effect or that you've been too distracted with things that do not truly serve you. Maybe you've been partying a little too much, or engulfed by social networking or work, vacation or any other distractions. Maybe you engaged in these activities because you don't want to think and feel about what lyes ahead, you don't know what to do or where you are heading to.

The cards show restlessness, distress, confusion, even depression and the inability to discern a clear path before you. You know that the path you're in now is not where you want to be but you cannot see a path that really feels fulfilling and yours. Next month there's also a certain paralysis to your attitude, that arises from all these strong emotions and feelings, as well as an enormous tiredness and lack of strength. You can't see the path before you so you don't know where to head to. Not being able to know what our path is leads to an incredible amount of indecision, vulnerability, pain an