October's Tarot Reading: Brace Yourself!

The Empower Yoursef Project's Octuber 2017 Tarot Reading

October comes with a sassy, provocative and bold energy, so unorthodox and wild that will probably flip you upside down! This is a month for breaking patterns and chains, whatever they are, whatever their reason to exist, it’s time to tear down all that attaches you to unhappiness and unfulfillment.

You will find an explosive inner-energy that speaks to the heart, both feminine and masculine, sweet and strong, compassionate and powerful. This energy, that will go through you like a lightning bolt, may overwhelm you, even overthrow you entirely, but just for a moment as you will be on your feet as quickly and you went down, ready to acknowledge and surrender to it’s power.

Ready to open your arms, heart and spirit to what you truly need and deserve.

October will feel like being passionately in love, but only for yourself and life, next month will be solely about you, about freeing yourself to fulfil your purpose. This energy speaks of falling in love again with life and to course correct your life so to, again, be aligned with who you truly are.

This transformational energy will be strongly felt in your hear area, your heart chakra, and goodness, this energy is not for the faint of heart! Breath slowly and deeply, smile, and everything will be just fine!

This is the month when you’ll know for sure that you are ready to take this next step, breaking the chains of stagnation and procrastination. You will feel ready. The cages other devised for us all as a society, are not meant for you and you know it.

On the days leading up to October 5th’s Full Moon you will start feeling the growth of this energy, getting stronger and stronger. As you get closer to the Full Moon you will feel some unrest unfold that will permeate your whole being. By the 5th of October you’ll be howling at the moon!!!