3 Effective & Natural ways to alleviate depression and anxiety

The Empower Yourself Project - 3 tips to Alleviate Depression

Anxiety and depression has become a common issue in the modern world with millions of people suffering from it all around the globe. I cannot argue that we live in a difficult time but is it really so different from other times? As you go through world history, you have to realize that people are pretty much the same all the time. And although lifestyles, politics, economics and other important factors change, people do not, making us deal with the same inner-issues our ancestors did.

Life have always been a mix of “good and bad” moments. Everyone has gone through periods of happiness and periods of frustration and sadness. This is life. After a diffult moment an easy one comes along, making life feel and be much like a roller coaster, sometimes going up, sometimes going down!

Because of this natural flow of life it is as natural to go through moments of anxiety and depression as is natural to go through moments of happiness and ease. That is simply the nature of human life.

Unfortunately and because anxiety and depression have become so widely spread as diseases they have become a high profit channel for pharmaceutical companies. And because of that whenever someone suffers from even very mild anxiety and/or depression, they are immediately put under drug medication. Although I agree that some forms of more serious and chronic depression may need to be treated with non-natural drugs, the truth is that most cases can be effectively managed and treated through natural and holistic remedies and therapies. I believe that the use of drugs and medical procedures have a reason to exist, thus there are moments in life when we have to rely and use them to our highest benefit. But I also believe that for most issues there is no need at all to take drugs or go through any kind of medical procedures for you can heal yourself with natural treatments and remedies. This will keep your body and mind healthier for sure and without any displeasing secondary effects.

Bellow I offer three holistic tools that tremendously help manage depression and anxiety. In any case I want to reinforce the idea that for definitely overcoming depression and anxiety you may need to work with some other tools in addition, it all depends on your specific case and needs. But be assured that these three tools will only help you in your healing journey for they are really effective!

#1 - DEVELOPING THE ABILITY TO COPE - With adversity, failure and loss

Depression and anxiety are diseases of the soul, momentary or chronic reflections of an inability to cope with adversity, failure and loss, something that is a natural part of life! Today, by being seen as “diseases” or